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3D printing technology and robotics are evolving simultaneously to change the way the world works, and a new crowdfunding project shows a cool new way they can both work together. A user known as Salvador has created a Kickstarter for his robot, Emme, a completely wireless, multi-terrain device that comes either fully assembled or as a 3D printable kit.

The Emme really covers a lot of bases in terms of customizability: 3D printing enthusiasts can get hold of 3D designs for the various parts of the robot, and then have fun making their own at home. The design is also modular, so parts can be put together in mere seconds (and be replaced easily). 

As well as being a great way to learn 3D printing and basic robotics, the assembled Emme robot can do all sorts of things, in a variety of different environments. It requires no wires or connections, so it can be taken anywhere, and it has wheels to move around easily on any kind of terrain. It can be taken across sand, snow, fields, or just regular city pavements, and it’s also water-ready, whether you want it to float around on the surface or even to dive below into the depths. Emme comes with Wi-Fi built in, as well as GPS and RGB lights.

Getting the Emme to move should be relatively straightforward, as you can control it directly with the prism-shaped remote control, either in real-time or in advance with the time lapse feature. It has three different axes of movement, and will speed up or slow down whenever you want it to. You can also get it to follow a particular route. The included GPS module allows you to plan the robot’s journey in advance, to take it exactly where you want it to. 

The pre-programming of the robot’s movements really come in handy if you use it in combination with the Emme’s camera module. If you want to record a journey or an activity, attatch a camera to the Emme and it will follow behind you, filming the whole way. Another neat trick is to get the robot to take motorized selfies or landscape photos. Instead of using the wheel to move Emme around, you can keep the base of the robot stationary and use the wheel to rotate your camera a full 360 degrees. This will allow you to take impressive panoramic shots, without needing the panorama feature built into your camera.

Pledges of $25 or more will get you a license to make the motorized selfie version of the Emme. This package also includes the 3D models for Emme as well as the electronics diagrams, firmware, and DIY manual—everything you need to 3D print and assemble the robot at home. For a little more you can receive licenses for the other functions of the robot. The fully assembled version is available for a pledge of $175 upwards. Starting at $625, pledgers can get an educational pack, inclusive of 12 maker licenses, so they can use Emme to pass on their knowledge and start teaching others the basics of 3D printing technology.



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