Jun 7, 2017 | By David

We’ve reported before on the work of Get Models Now, the online 3D printing service that makes highly detailed and accurate replicas and models of all kinds, from sculptures to jewelry to ornaments and much more. Its latest project shows the extent to which 3D printing technology can revolutionize the world of cosplay, allowing comic book, sci-fi, and anime fans of all stripes to look more like their favorite characters than previously thought possible. The Polish company produced an impressive 3D printed gun, based on the video game Overwatch, for a cosplayer in Poland.

Nellcraft Burrow, a seasoned cosplayer and a huge fan of Blizzard Entertainment’s hugely popular multiplayer shooter game Overwatch, decided to attend the annual Pyrkon fan convention in Poland dressed like the game’s Soldier: 76 character. Soldier: 76 is one of the most memorable of Overwatch’s cast of stylized, futuristic heroes, and getting the right costume and props for the convention would guarantee some turned heads. Normally Burrow would make her own costumes for these events, but to get a really faithful recreation of the character’s trademark gun, she decided to reach out for some professional assistance.

Replica guns are something that Get Models Now has experience with, having previously 3D printed an antique rifle for a museum exhibition. For Burrow's request, the company turned to its ZMorph 2.0 SX multitool 3D printer, an FDM machine that has extra laser milling and CNC functions that are particularly useful for refinements and finishing.

After carefully modeling the 3D cosplay accessory, the gun was 3D printed in 24 individual parts out of ABS filament. In total, the 3D printing process took around 48 hours to complete. Once printed, the various parts were joined with bolts (also 3D printed) and then finally glued together to make the final object.

Once the prop was complete, it was sent back to Burrow, who set to work on her post-processing and final touches. The gun was sanded, covered with car filler, and then carefully hand painted so that it matched Soldier: 76’s original Overwatch weapon, with its distinctive blue, white and grey coloring. The final results are really something to behold, and looking at Burrow dressed in her Soldier:76 jacket holding the 3D printed gun, you can see someone really indulging their passions in a way that’s difficult not to feel envious of.

For anyone who cosplays, you'll know how much time, money, and effort can go into making an accurate costume. As we've seen, 3D printing technology can not only be used to make carefully modeled cosplay parts or accessories (bringing your costume to the next level), but it can also help save time and potentially even money in the process. Moreover, specialist services like Get Models Now will only become more widespread and affordable as access to 3D printing and its required technical knowledge improves, and desktop 3D printers could eventually become a common household item. Perhaps 3D printing will one day make cosplayers of us all.



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