Jun 9, 2017 | By Tess

The European Plastics Converters Association (EuPC), which oversees the trading of plastic converters across Europe, has announced the launch of two new industry platforms: a 3D Printing Platform and a Composites Platform. The announcement was made at the EuPC’s annual meeting in Madrid, Spain last week.

According to the EuPC, the new 3D Printing Platform is being established in order to “exploit 3D printing’s full potential within the plastics converting industry.” The Composites Platform, for its part, will take on research projects dealing with composite materials with the aim of overcoming composite-related challenges in the plastics sector.

While we don’t know too many specifics about what the 3D Printing Platform will be doing, or what technologies it will be using, the EuPC has said that its new platforms will bring together 3D printing and composites experts from around Europe and invite them to share their knowledge for the sake of advancing the plastics converting industry.

In addition to announcing the two new industry platforms, the annual meeting saw Michael Kundel, the CEO of plastic film manufacturer Renolit, re-elected as president of EuPC for another four years.

The EuPC General Assembly also elected a number of members to its steering committee, including David Baker, general manager of RPC Group and chairman of EuPC’s Packaging Division; Philip Law, director general of the British Plastics Federation; Renato Zelcher, CEO of Crocco; and others.

The event itself, hosted in partnership with the Spanish plastics association ANAIP, brought together over 250 members from the European plastics value chain, as well as representatives from various EU institutions, member states, and academia. The event highlighted the importance of Europe’s plastics converting companies working together.

“The plastics converting industry needs to set itself ambitious goals to embrace the circular economy, keep itself competitive and enable our society a responsible and circular use of plastics,” commented Michael Kundel, president of EuPC at the meeting.

Michael Kundel, President, EuPC

Founded in 1989, the European Plastics Converters Association is a Brussels-based EU-level trade association that looks out for the interests of plastics converting companies. Also known as “Processors,” plastics converters are responsible for producing plastics and semi-finished plastics from raw materials. Plastics Converters serve a wide range of industries, including the automotive, construction, consumer product, and healthcare industries.

At present, the EuPC represents some 50,000 plastics converting companies in Europe, which account for the production of over 45 million tonnes of plastic products a year.



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