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In today’s roundup, we have news from 3D printed PCB specialist Nano Dimension, updates on the huge 3D printing effort in Dubai, and a partnership between French ceramic 3D printing pioneer 3DCeram and UK-based additive manufacturing company 3D Matters.

Nano Dimension, Semplastics to build 3D printed ceramic objects for space applications

Well this is something new for Nano Dimension. The Israeli company, best known for its circuit board-printing Dragonfly 2020 3D printer (and recent operations in 3D bioprinting), has received a grant to develop unique ceramic materials in collaboration with engineered components supplier Semplastics. The two companies will use these materials to 3D print low-density, high-thickness ceramic objects for space applications.

The total budget for the project is NIS 585,000 (approximately $165,000), 30% of which will provided by the Israel Innovation Authority in the form of a grant. (The Authority hopes to recoup this amount though: the terms of the grant stipulate that Nano Dimension will pay royalties on future sales up to the full grant amount.)

Nano Dimension will carry out the project with Semplastics LLC, a leading supplier of engineered components (mainly semi-conductors) for a broad range of industries. Nano Dimension and Semplastics have entered into a non-binding letter of intent with respect to the collaboration.

The ceramic 3D printing project will focus on the utilization of Semplastics' novel ceramic material precursors using Nano Dimension's unique 3D inkjet printing technology, for which a modified resin will be developed. Combined, these technologies will be used to build high-thickness, low-density ceramic objects for aerospace applications. NASA will participate in the testing of the materials.

"We are very excited to collaborate with Nano Dimension on this innovative project," said Bill Easter, CEO of Semplastics. "Building on our successful work with NASA, we see this work opening up even more applications for our unique ceramic materials.”

Challenger Center partners with New Matter on education 3D printing program

Challenger Center, a DC-based, space-focused STEM education organization, and New Matter, a desktop 3D printing company, today announced a new partnership that will involve selecting and equipping Challenger Learning Centers with New Matter’s MOD-t 3D printers. Over the next few months, Challenger Center and New Matter will announce the initial group of three Centers selected to receive the donated printers, with the first being unveiled in late June following a competition. The selected Centers will receive five MOD-t 3D printers.

As part of the competition, Challenger Center’s network of 43 Challenger Learning Centers submitted proposals describing how they would use the 3D printers. From developing 3D printing summer camps to incorporating the printers into simulated space missions like Expedition Mars, the proposals purportedly demonstrated a “broad range of creative, forward-thinking approaches for Challenger Center educators to use 3D printing technology to engage students and teachers alike.”

“The MOD-t was developed and designed for teachers and students and we’re eager to see our Challenger Learning Center educators implement these remarkably easy-to-use and elegant printers into programs with their local students,” commented Lance Bush, president and chief executive officer at Challenger Center.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority holds 3D printing workshop with GE

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has held a “3D printing and additive manufacturing workshop” in cooperation with General Electric (GE). The workshop was purportedly organized to “support DEWA’s 3D printing plan.”

“The first workshop, following our MoU with DEWA, has been a great learning experience for both entities, as we discussed the practical implementation of additive manufacturing and 3D printing for the utilities sector,” said Dr. Dalya Al Muthanna, President & CEO of GE Gulf.

That’s good to know, but aside from hearing that the workshop was a “learning experience,” we don’t really know what happened there—this despite a lengthy press release from DEWA explaining the areas in which it is taking advantage of 3D printing.

Keynote speaker HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA, reminded attendees of DEWA’s efforts to “improve efficiency in the production, transmission, and distribution of energy and water,” noting its in-progress construction of an R&D Centre at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. Part of the center’s 3D printed drone laboratory has already been completed.

The slightly mysterious workshop was attended by Al Tayer, Al Muthanna, DEWA’s Executive Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents, 50 DEWA staff, and officials from the GE Additive Manufacturing Unit.

3DCeram announces UK partnership deal with 3D Matters

The second ceramic 3D printing story of the roundup concerns French ceramic 3D printing company 3DCeram, who today announced a partnership with British 3D printing company 3D Matters. The deal gives 3DCeram an entry into the UK market.

“This partnership between 3DCeram and 3D Matters is a new step forward for our company,” said Richard Gaignon, Co-Director of 3DCeram. “We are committed to exporting our skills to new markets, providing much-needed expertise to companies across the Channel. And by pooling our talent, we can reinforce our engineering methods, production processes, maintenance, and support capabilities for maximum impact on the industry.”

“3D Matters was seeking a partner with the technology to produce ‘high-quality matter’ components: parts with the best possible properties,” added Nathan Blake of 3D Matters. “Ceramic 3D printing allows us to drastically shorten the component development process and expand what we can offer in terms of other materials.”

3D Matters will take advantage of 3DCeram’s Ceramaker ceramic printing technology, 3DMIX pastes, and personalized support capabilities.



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