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Netherlands-based FDM 3D printing company Leapfrog 3D Printers has today launched the Leapfrog Bolt Pro, a professional-grade 3D printer for office or industrial use. The machine will retail for €6,499 ($7,285) excl. VAT.

More than just a place to get cheese and tulips, the Netherlands is building a reputation for being a hotbed of additive manufacturing innovation. The European country is home to Ultimaker, MX3D, Luxexcel, and many other 3D printing specialists, while also housing the European facilities of Shapeways and unusual one-of-a-kind projects like the 3D Print Canal House.

Another important cog in the Dutch 3D printing industry is Leapfrog 3D Printers, situated between Amsterdam and The Hague, which has been developing FDM 3D printers and printing materials since 2012. Following the success of its Bolt 3D printer, Leapfrog has today returned with the Bolt Pro, a professional-grade version of its popular FDM machine.

Described by Leapfrog as a 3D printer “built for performance and long-term reliability,” the Bolt Pro offers three key features: workflow integration, multi-material capabilities, and an industrial-grade build volume. It'll set you back a few thousand dollars (or euros), but Leapfrog's description of its new machine has certainly got us interested.

Let's first take a look at Leapfrog's first big claim about the Bolt Pro. The "workflow integration" aspect of the 3D printer is provided by its enclosed chamber and activated carbon filter, making the machine usable even in office environments. Furthermore, an “intuitive” 7” touch screen and full WiFi connectivity allows for easy (remote) control of the 3D printer. So far so good.

Another important part of the Bolt Pro is its material handling. In terms of multi-material capabilities, the Bolt Pro comes with Dual Independent Extruders (IDEX) that produce “super clean dual material prints” while also “doubling the production speed in sync/mirror mode.” A high-temperature hot-end enables the use of advanced engineering materials, while “easily exchangeable” borosilicate or granite print beds provide “perfect flatness and top adhesion.”

Of course, the main selling point of this new FDM machine is its supposed industrial suitability. Does it deliver? Well, the Leapfrog Bolt Pro 3D printer features a large 330 x 320 x 205 mm build volume, giving the machine a printing capacity that would certainly suffice for some industrial uses. But the machine purportedly offers industrial-grade construction too, with key components made out of metal instead of plastic.

Other technical stats check out too. The 3D printer offers a minimum layer height of 50 microns, a nozzle diameter of 0.35 mm, and a maximum printing speed of 100 mm/s.

The Leapfrog Bolt Pro will retail for €6,499 ($7,285) excl. VAT.

New features compared to Leapfrog Bolt:

  • Industrial linear guides in the Y-axis increasing printing precision and reducing noise
  • Interactive user interface start-up guide
  • Ability to swap filaments mid-print
  • Improved cooling and fan duct
  • Instantly swappable print beds; standard Borosilicate bed and option for granite
  • Magnetic closing of doors and filament compartment
  • Improved cabling based on IGUS industrial grade components
  • RGB LED status indication



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Thomas wrote at 6/29/2017 10:23:28 PM:

I fully agree with Jack. The Creatr HS is a c..p: HS for High Speed but in French HS means "out of service" I'll never buy a printer from Leapfrog

Jack wrote at 6/26/2017 7:30:45 PM:

Their Creatr printer has the lowest rating of all printers on 3D Hubs. This follows my personal experience with them, their printers have a fancy casing and are sturdy, but the software and printing performance is subpar. Most of the times the prints do not stick to the bed, because it is not flat, and if they do the nozzle will clog before you print something real. I saw these same issues first hand on the Xeed.

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