Jun 28, 2017 | By Tess

Scandy, a mobile 3D scanning company based in New Orleans, has released a new app for Google’s AR/VR Tango platform which enables users to 3D scan objects. Called Scandy Pro, the app makes it possible to 3D scan objects in full color and create “usable meshes” of them.

Scandy has combined its own 3D scanning expertise with Tango’s core motion tracking, area learning, and depth perception technology to give users a 3D scanning tool that goes “beyond Tango's usual Augmented Reality games and apps.”

On its own, Tango provides a 3D Reconstruction Library which can be used to generate environment scans, such as a room scan. This tool, however, only offers a maximum resolution of 1 cm, limiting its applications.

Now, Scandy has found a way to combine Tango’s room scanning technology with its own 3D scanning algorithms to enable a much higher resolution: the Scandy Pro can capture 3D scans with a maximum resolution of 1 mm. This is largely thanks to Scandy Core’s GPU-optimized pipeline.

Scandy Pro’s technology is based on Scandy Core, the company’s customizable, sensor-agnostic 3D scanning middleware. Scandy—which is in the process of integrating its middleware  for a number of global companies—says Scandy Core can be applied for almost any project that requires 3D modeling, AR/VR, depth sensing, or CAD software.

"We've been working on Scandy Core to make high-resolution object scanning available on mobile devices for years now, and we are thrilled to bring our expertise to Tango-enabled devices," said Cole Wiley, co-founder of Scandy.

"The Scandy team is looking forward to seeing what great content the Tango user community can create with new the Scandy Pro app," added Charles Carriere, the company’s other co-founder.

Scandy believes its new Tango 3D scanning app will enable users of all skill levels to get into 3D scanning: for entry-level users, the tool can be a good introduction for 3D scanning technologies and processes, while for more experienced users, the company says its Scandy Pro app could make a good “companion piece” for a top-of-the-line 3D scanner.

Currently, the Scandy Pro app is available on the Google Play Store and is compatible with Lenovo’s Phab 2 Pro and the upcoming Asus ZenPhone AR. (You can see how Scandy turned the Asus ZenPhone AR into a 3D scanner in just six hours.) Scandy Pro was first announced last year as the company started beta testing.

Scandy was founded in 2014 by Carriere and Wiley, who were determined to develop an accessible 3D scanning technology for smartphones. In 2016, the company successfully raised $1 million in funding after releasing its Scandy Sphere app in order to develop and release a full-color 3D scanning app that could be compatible with 3D printing.

Now, Google Tango users will be able to try out the fruits of this labor. Tell us what you’d 3D scan.



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Pal Davis wrote at 7/3/2017 4:56:50 PM:

this is a free app though. still pretty early i bet... I'm waiting for updates because i think this could be useful when they begin fixing the kinks

shaun lamont wrote at 6/29/2017 8:07:04 PM:

?? Even the video shows the data to be garbage....you wont be able to use it at all....unless you really like paying for bad data

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