Jul 29, 2017 | By David

We’ve reported before on the increasing popularity of 3D printed confectionery, which is enabling tasty candy creations in all kinds of interesting shapes. The candy pioneers at IT'SUGAR have now jumped on this bandwagon, with a product that is sure to divide opinion. A 3D printed gummy bear-sized sweet in the shape of Donald Trump is available on the website, and at IT'SUGAR retailers all over the U.S. The wealthy ex-host of the popular tv show The Apprentice, whose name is plastered across many major buildings around the world, has now achieved immortality with his likeness being preserved in jelly form.

After a majority of states decided that he should be in charge of the country last year, Trump has barely been out of the news, with various scandals, hirings and firings, and the policy decision getting the attention of all kinds of media outlets, failing or otherwise. IT'SUGAR is now making the most of 3D printing technology to capitalize on this newfound fascination with the billionaire everyman, and has put a clever twist on his infamous campaign slogan. Making America great again might take more than a 3D printed candy, but IT'SUGAR are betting that it will be enough to Make America Sweet Again.

This news might seem fake, but we can guarantee that it’s entirely true, as the direct route from design to manufacturing that 3D printing enables means that anything at all can be made into sweet form. The moulds for these tiny jellies were 3D printed before being filled with a gelatinous substance, and the incredibly high level of detail makes this tribute treat impossible to mistake for any of the other 44 presidents, much like The Donald himself. As for the colour and flavour, orange was the obvious choice.

These sweets will surely be popular for people of all ages, although IT'SUGAR has warned jokingly that they might ‘leave a bad taste in the mouth’.

According to Justin Clinger, Director of Product Design & Marketing of IT’S SUGAR, “Candy is universally loved, regardless of what side of the political fence you may sit on... Our new 3D Trump gummies are one way to make the country a bit sweeter, and perhaps give everyone a laugh.”



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Deplorable Me wrote at 8/1/2017 12:02:02 AM:

What we need now is a brown candy to honor Berry. Keep the ingrediants secret, then forcibly ram-rod the candy down every throat.

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