Aug 3, 2017 | By Tess, the online dating service, has launched a new ad campaign in London that is seeking to show women the eligible guys on its platform seeking love. The campaign, which is experimental to say the least, consists of a pop-up shop that will feature miniature 3D printed figurines of seven eligible Match bachelors.

Besides the obvious problem of presenting a wide base of women with seven men to choose from (thanks Match, for finding the seven good ones?), we can at least get behind the fun use of 3D printing technology for the campaign.

The pop-up shop, called Model Males, will be located in Marylebone until tomorrow (August 4, 2017). It will reportedly feature several copies of each 3D printed bachelor, each packaged up like a doll, with contact info and short bio inside. Visiting bachelorettes will be greeted with a complementary glass of prosecco, and will be able to peruse the seven men’s features, including age, occupation, and “best qualities.” All while admiring their physical qualities by looking at their 3D printed counterparts.

The bizarre campaign was conceived of by Match’s ad agency Brands2Life, which collaborated with Mini You, an East London 3D printing specialist, to make the miniature figurines.

The seven 3D printed bachelors currently on display at Model Males

“Dating should always be fun,” said Vicki Pavitt, a dating expert. “But it can be tricky at times. There is an ever-growing list of different terms used to label the negative side of dating, but we should stop focussing on those and start celebrating the amazing single men and women who are looking for the right person.” (As long as that person is young, fit, and hetero, it seems.)

“The idea behind Model Males is to showcase the brilliant and reliable men that wouldn’t even think of ‘ghosting’ a date,” she continues. “There are still plenty of gents out there and this is a way of giving women the power and opportunity to find their very own Model Male to take home.”

I’m not sure how this project gives women power or any dating opportunities, as it is basically putting seven “lucky” guys on a pedestal, promising on their part that they’ll treat their dates right. Ultimately though, it seems that the men may get their pick of the bunch, and not the other way around.

In any case, if you think the Model Males store may have something for you, or you simply want to see this dating shop filled with 3D printed figurines of single guys, you can stop by the Marylebone location between 11:30 and 15:00. If the pilot project goes well, Match says it may even open more Model Males pop-up shops across the UK. You can learn more about the shop in the video below.



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