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Exciting news for the people of Gemert in the Netherlands: a 3D printed bicycle bridge is nearly ready to be installed in the Dutch town. The bike bridge is being constructed through a collaboration between Dutch construction firm BAM and the Technical University of Eindhoven and was designed by engineering firm Witteveen+Bos.

Image credit: BAM

Anyone who has been to the Netherlands will know how important bicycles are to the Dutch people—biking is a way of life there. Of course, with canals and water also being central to life in the Netherlands, bicycle bridges are crucial for getting around easily.

That’s why Eindhoven-based construction based company BAM has collaborated with the Technical University of Eindhoven to create a 3D printed bike bridge made from concrete. The 3D printed bicycle bridge, which we first wrote about in June, will measure 8 meters in length and 3.5 meters in width when it is set up.

The bridge itself is being 3D printed from pre-stressed and reinforced concrete, which was extensively tested for safety. The bridge is reportedly being printed in eight one-meter segments using BAM’s concrete 3D printing technology and will be assembled on site when it is ready. BAM says the pieces will be connected to each other using a special concrete mortar, and will be built between two bridge heads and secured using cables.

The 3D printed bicycle bridge was designed and structural engineered by engineering firm Witteveen+Bos. The company has had a significant role in many 3D printing construction projects, including the UAE’s first 3D printed concrete structure. Witteveen+Bos also aided in the engineering for Dubai’s 3D printed drone lab, which is being constructed by CyBe, as well as the 3DCP studio in Nyborg, Denmark.

1:2 scale version of the 3D printed bike bridge. Images credit: Witteveen+Bos

While the photos show a 1:2 scale version of the 3D printed bike bridge, Witteveen+Bos says that the full-scale version is now being manufactured. Cyclists riding across the Peelsche Loop in Gemert can expect to see the bridge in place by this October. It will be the first 3D printed concrete bicycle bridge in the world.

The Netherlands is also the home of the world’s first 3D printed metal bridge, which is being built in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. The metal 3D printed bridge was designed by MX3D’s in-house designer and 3D printing pioneer Joris Laarman.












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Eric Carleton, P.eng wrote at 9/12/2017 9:09:30 PM:

Upon review of the videos I did get my answer. I didn't understand much of what was said, but a picture is worth a 1000 words, even foreign words. Thanks

Eric Carleton, P.eng wrote at 9/12/2017 9:00:11 PM:

The report stated "being 3D printed from pre-stressed and reinforced concrete". However, the components from the 1:2 mock up appear to be traditional unreinforced concrete. Is this to actually to be build using post-tensioned steel reinforcement? Or is the steel reinforcement pierced through the printed/cast member while still fresh and then tensioned prior to curing?

Len wrote at 9/10/2017 10:07:13 PM:

Thanks for updating the pictures looks like the correct bridge now.

Leendert wrote at 9/8/2017 2:10:07 AM:

Looks a lot longer than the 8 meters described

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