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Dutch 3D printing filament specialist colorFABB has launched nGen_LUX, a co-polyester filament with an extraordinary finish. Diffuse reflection means light shining on an nGen_LUX 3D printed part will scatter in many directions, producing an appearance that looks entirely non-printed.

Makers who have found success over the last two years using colorFabb’s nGen 3D printer filament (there are lots of you!) can celebrate now, because colorFabb has just launched a new co-polyester 3D printing material that’s even more beautiful than its predecessor.

nGen_LUX is based on the original nGen, which remains colorFabb’s best-selling filament, but introduces an even sleeker surface quality that is sure to delight many an FDM devotee.

Made with Eastman Amphora™ AM3300 (a low-odor, styrene-free material best suited to 3D printing applications), nGen_LUX is described by colorFABB as “a truly all-round filament,” in terms of both printed objects and the 3D printers used to print them.

Unsure whether your machine can handle it? colorFABB says it has tested the filament in its print lab on the Prusa i3, the Stacker S2 and S4, the Lulzbot TAZ 6 and Mini, the Robo R2 and C2, the Ultimaker range of printers, and the Mass Portal Pharaoh.

That’s a fair amount of legwork, and the Netherlands-based filament specialist assures makers that any printer capable of dealing with nGen will also be happy with the LUX version.

So what prompted the “LUX” addition to this new 3D printing material? colorFABB points out that, although prints made with the co-polyester certainly look “luxurious,” that’s not the real reason for its name.

Instead, LUX refers to the unit of illuminance of the same name, because the new filament uses “unique light diffusion additives and compounding know-how” to manipulate light in unusual and aesthetically pleasing ways.

“nGen_LUX uniquely features diffuse reflection, which means that the light that shines on the print scatters to many directions and allows for a perfect surface quality that looks like nothing you have ever seen before,” colorFABB explains, adding that the material can produce prints that “look like production parts right off the printer.”

And the company is serious about that last claim. While other colorFABB materials like bronzeFill, copperFill, steelFill, and brassFill all offer a high-quality, non-printed look, nGen_LUX delivers that same quality without even requiring post-processing.

What this ultimately means is that businesses can use the new 3D printing material to produce marketable products for a huge range of applications.

“The aesthetics of nGen_LUX allow for a new step in production and prototyping,” colorFABB says. “Especially for cosmetics, packaging, interior parts, electronics housings, and many more applications.”

Want a first look at nGen_LUX? The new filament will be seen in public for the first time next week at the TCT Show in Birmingham, UK, as well as at the Kunststoffenbeurs in Veldhoven, Netherlands.

The filament will go on public sale in November, with pre-orders welcome shortly before then. Its price is not yet known.



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