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A German design label is keen to show the world that 3D printed eyewear is here to stay. Powder & Heat, the Munich-based company marketing its merchandise as the 'world’s first high quality 3D printed glasses' in a variety of colours, may be in the niche business of additively manufactured eyewear—but company representatives are hedging their bets that this market is poised to explode. So far, that wager is already paying off: the label’s new “Flamboyant” model was recently awarded the German Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award 2017, proving that 3D printed eyewear is much more than a passing trend.

While 3D printed spectacles aren’t a new innovation in and of itself, Powder & Heat founders Georg Vollmer and Manuel Breit weren’t satisfied with the current offerings on the market. “Until now, 3D printed glasses were only available in limited designs, solid colours and with matt surfaces,” say company reps in a statement. Vollmer and Breit decided to tackle this gap with a new, more fashion-conscious perspective that combined their design background with years of 3D printing and software experience.

“Powder & Heat is now the only manufacturer capable of producing frames with multi-coloured textures, intense colours and high-quality surfaces – something previously impossible,” they explain. That means the new line of bespoke 3D printed glasses can suit a broader range of tastes, particularly those more fashion-oriented. The German brand currently boasts a roster of 24 models, 18 sizes, 9 colour combinations, and 12 texture combinations. Looking for cat eye sunglasses in crushed tortoiseshell red? No problem.

The label’s popular “Flamboyant” model, which secured Powder & Heat the German Design Award and the Red Dot Design award earlier this year, offers a decidedly sporty perspective, and a more angular take on the classic aviator shape. Available in Dark Green Gradient, Dark Blue Gradient, Silver Blue, Bronze Mirror, Dark Green Solid, and Dark Brown Solid, the Flamboyant sunglasses show that 3D printed eyewear can be sleek and understated as well as flashy and bold.

Opticians can order the models directly from Powder & Heat, which comes complete with the company’s software for personalizing glasses as well as the necessary training. No word yet on whether the Munich brand plans to open its own retail outlet, but if all the buzz keeps up, the label will likely expand its business model. For now, the full array of designs, colours, textures, and sizes can be viewed and purchased on the company's website.



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