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3D body scanning specialist Twindom has launched two new products: TwinProtect, a specially formulated coating that makes 3D printed portraits UV- and water-resistant, and HD Retouching, a premium 3D portrait process for by texturizing hair, enhancing face details, and increasing clothing realism.

3D body scanning is taking off in a big way—and not just for the novelty of 3D printed selfies. Just last week, online shopping giant Amazon bought New York 3D body scanning company Body Labs, in a deal that many speculate could relate to Amazon’s growing fashion business.

Onlookers made that connection because Body Labs’ 3D scanning technology allows users to capture detailed 3D images of their body. This visual data can then be used to “virtually try on” clothes using certain software applications. This practice is far from commonplace right now, but many tech futurists think virtual fitting rooms could be the future of online shopping.

3D body scanning has a host of other uses too, from monitoring body shape and size for fitness reasons, to creating realistic 3D gaming avatars.

California’s Twindom is another company doing big things with 3D scanning, and today the company’s suite of products just got a whole lot more impressive. Launching not one but two new products, Twindom went forward with the launch after a successful beta testing program with one of its customers. This customer uses fully-body 3D scanners to make 3D printed portraits.

The two new Twindom products are TwinProtect, a specially formulated coating that makes 3D portraits UV- and water-resistant, and HD Retouching, a premium 3D portrait process for by texturizing hair, enhancing face details, and increasing clothing realism.

“During the beta period both services have been incredibly popular with Twindom's customers,” commented Will Drevno, one of Twindom's co-founders. “Close to half of all 3D portraits are now getting some form of HD Retouching or TwinProtect applied to them.”

TwinProtect, Twindom’s new specially formulated coating for 3D body scanning, aims to solve a problem that frequently affects 3D portraits: weathering caused by humidity and sunlight. If portraits 3D printed on a full-color 3D printer are exposed to humidity or direct sunlight for lengthy periods, the color of the portraits can fade.

According to Twindom, TwinProtect helps combat this problem by sealing in color and making the prints more resistant to the elements.

The other new product, HD Retouching, is a combined automatic and manual retouching process for 3D portraits. Twindom says it is “designed for 3D portrait businesses who want to offer a premium 3D portrait without having to spend +$70k on a DSLR photogrammetry full body 3D scanner and pay substantial fees to 3D artists to fix scan data.”

There’s a two-step process to Twindom’s HD Retouching service, one part automatic and one manual. The automatic process uses algorithms—based on the entire database of Twindom’s past scans—to adjust the current 3D scan for an optimized appearance.

Then, if any anomalies slip through the net of these algorithms, a senior 3D artist from Twindom fixes them.

The two-step process is more complex than Twindom’s Basic Retouching, because it has the capacity for “texturizing hair, enhancing face details, and emphasizing clothing creases.”

The 3D portrait business also gets the option to ask for further revisions if neither the algorithms nor the 3D artist have retouched the portrait to perfection.

A few Twindom customers have already had the chance to see the improvements first-hand.

"To our customers, details are everything and to us, reputation is everything,” said Dylan Saloner, CEO of PocketMe, a 3D portrait business and Twindom customer. “With HD retouching, the extra effort and attention to detail translate into a higher quality PocketMe product and preserves our good name.”

Earlier this year, Twindom launched an improved version of its Twinstant full-body 3D scanner.



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