Oct 25, 2017 | By Tess

When maker James Bruton isn’t making awesome electric skateboards from 3D printed Lego blocks he is apparently 3D printing himself.

The UK-based maker, known primarily for his XRobots Youtube 3D printing projects, recently unveiled a gigantic 3D printed sculpture of himself at the Winchester Discovery Centre in Hampshire, England.

Reaching 3.62 meters (just under 12 feet) in height, the massive 3D printed sculpture is in line to break the world record for the largest 3D printed sculpture of a human. The current record holder measures 3.06 meters in height.

Judging from photos of the unveiling, Bruton seems to have printed the parts for the sculpture using his trusty LulzBot Taz 3D printers. When assembled into the imposingly large statue, the James Bruton replica apparently weighs about 50 kg—remarkably light if you consider the scale.

In true XRobots fashion, Bruton has reportedly recorded the entire 3D printing and construction process for the statue and will release the footage in a series of videos starting this December. We can’t wait to see how he a) captured himself in 3D and b) went about 3D printing himself!

Still, we do have some information about the amount of work that went into the project. According to Bruton, the self-inspired statue took more than 500 hours to 3D print (using two printers) and is made up of over a dozen individually 3D printed parts, which are attached to each other using an interlocking system

The maker added: “I decided to print myself to avoid any potential copyright issues. I thought it would be fun to try and do a world record attempt and settled on the biggest humanoid statue because it was the most manageable—some of the other 3D printing world records are insane.”

Despite the fact that a status of 3.62 meters is undeniably larger than a statue of 3.06 meters, it will still take some time before Bruton can officially claim to have 3D printed the largest statue of a human to date.

This is because representatives from Guinness World Records will have to inspect the 3D printed statue to ensure that it is freestanding, self-supporting, and made exclusively from 3D printed parts and materials. It could be 12 weeks before we know whether the Guinness honor is officially bestowed upon the 41-year-old maker.

(Images: Daily Echo UK)

Bruton, who is known for such creative projects as his 3D printed electric Iron Man skateboard, his VR Lego gun, and his realistic BB-8 droid robot, claims to be “addicted” to breaking 3D printing world records and hopes that once he has clinched the title for world’s largest 3D printed human statue, he will get started on the world’s biggest skateboard.

Be sure to tune in this December, when James Bruton releases his behind-the-scenes videos of how the massive 3D printed statue was erected.



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really?? wrote at 10/26/2017 3:43:35 AM:

His ego is even larger than the statue!! But XRobots is an entertaining youtube channel.

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