Oct 27, 2017 | By Tess

SHINING 3D, one of China’s leading 3D printing companies, has announced a partnership with South Korean software and engineering firm PointShape to offer a streamlined and well-rounded 3D scanning process with inspection, modification, reverse engineering, and measurement features.

Its been a big week for SHINING 3D in terms of partnerships. Not only has it announced collaborations for reverse engineering solutions with both Verisurf and Geomagic, but the 3D scanning and printing expert has also just announced an alliance with software developer PointShape.

Through its agreement with PointShape, SHINING 3D says it will be offering its metrology 3D scanner clients both the PointShape Inspector Full and PointShape Inspector Lite software versions. These, it says, will give its clients the means to “access world-class tools for various industrial applications.”

PointShape’s Inspector software is an industrial 3D metrology program which offers a number of useful and advanced tools for digitizing and processing raw data (say, transforming a 3D scan into a workable 3D model), as well as analyzing manufactured parts in comparison to their digital 3D models.

SHINING 3D is hoping its collaboration with PointShape will provide its 3D scanning clients the necessary tools for industrial product inspection as well as other industrial measurement and validation processes.

“Through cooperation with sharing OEM partners with a similar vision, such as the likes of PointShape, our combined solutions aim to increase the overall efficiency of 3D inspection projects and enable engineers to leverage 3D point cloud data at levels that exceed traditional measurement methods”, commented Oscar Meza, the vice president of global sales at SHINING 3D.

SHINING 3D has been ramping up its 3D scanning technologies over the past couple years, releasing a number of 3D scanning products. These include its various metrology 3D scanners, including the OptimScan-5M and FreeScan X7; its handheld series of 3D scanners, such as the EinScan-Pro and EinScan-Pro+; its desktop 3D scanners, including the EinScan-S; and even dental 3D scanners such as the AutoScan-DS-EX. The company has also released a series of CAD scanners, photogrammetry setups, and 3D cameras.

You can see the company's full 3D scanner offering on its website.

SHINING 3D's OptimScan-5M 3D scanner

SHINING 3D was founded over a decade ago and has grown to become one of China’s leading 3D technology companies. Not only specializing in 3D scanning, the company has also released a number of 3D printing products, and is dedicated to offering its clients “the latest 3D technologies” at the most affordable price.



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SharesInformation wrote at 10/31/2017 9:12:05 AM:

Rapidworks (NextEngine) product is $3K and should do the trick. It's usually sold with the scanner, so check if they sell it individually. Next would be Geomagic for Solidworks (If you're a solidworks user, that's $8K).

Vice wrote at 10/27/2017 6:09:11 PM:

Are there any low cost reverse engineering software packages out there? Geomagic and Verisurf products are in the $20K range. Is there something that will do very basic model alignment and perhaps fit basic features like holes, for less than $5k?

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