Oct 27, 2017 | By Tess

Pumpkin spice lattes are on the menu, dead leaves are crinkling underfoot...it can only mean one thing: Halloween is approaching!

For our third year in a row, 3Ders is bringing you its favorite 3D prints for the Halloween season. From costumes, to props, to awesome decorations, makers have gone above and beyond with designs for the year’s spookiest holiday. So whether you’ve got party plans already or just plan to dole out some candy to young ghouls and ghosts, we’ve got something for you to 3D print!

To begin, let’s kick off with some costumes and props that will surely make you the center of attention this Halloween:

Top 3D printed Halloween 2017 costumes, props, and decorations #1: Rick and Morty

For fans of the animated show, there is hardly any debate that the most recent season of Rick and Morty was by far the darkest and best we’ve seen. Now that the season has wrapped up, however, fans will be needing to find ways to cope with their Rick and Morty withdrawals. Dressing up as a Rick or a Morty might just do the trick.

To dress up as a Rick is pretty simple: you’ll just need a lab coat, some brown pants, and this awesome 3D printed Rick Sanchez mask, designed by Thingiverse user “easilyused.” The mask is to be 3D printed in separate parts (in PLA, for instance) and can be assembled using glue (the uploader used Loctite Ultra Control Gel glue). Of course, you’ll have to rely on your own painting skills to finish the mask, but that step shouldn’t be too complicated.

As a nod to “Morty’s Mind Blowers,” Thingiverse maker “WildRoseBuilds” has designed a 3D printed mind eraser device which we think is pretty neat. The 3D printed device also incorporates some LEDs, making it even more lifelike. Finally, if you’ve got a Morty costume (yellow t-shirt and jeans), you can supplement an actual Rick for this 3D printed Pickle Rick, courtesy of MosaicManufacturing.

We’ve got a whole article dedicated to Rick and Morty 3D prints that you can check out for more inspiration.

Top 3D printed Halloween 2017 costumes, props, and decorations #2: Game of Thrones

Sticking with the theme of popular TV shows, we’ve got some pretty sinister Game of Thrones-inspired 3D printed costumes for you. This 3D printed Night King mask, for instance, will allow you to be the much-needed villain at a party inevitably filled with Jon Snows and Daenerys Targaryens. Designed by PrintThatThing, the Night King mask is made from a flexible filament which allows it to be worn comfortably.

It will take some skill to get the mask as well-finished as PrintThatThing’s, but it seems well worth the effort! 3DAXE has designed a 3D printable Night King amulet which you can print off to complete the look.

In addition to this entire list of 3D printable Game of Thrones items, we also thought we should add this pretty accurate looking Son of the Harpy mask 3D model, adapted by maker DunphyDo. The wearable mask can be 3D printed in two separate parts, and either glued or welded together. Again, it’s up to you to perfect the finishing paint job.

Top 3D printed Halloween 2017 costumes, props, and decorations #3: Wonder Woman

One of the top costumes this year will undoubtedly be Wonder Woman. And whether you’re choosing to go as the classic comic book version of the iconic female superhero or the updated Gal Gadot version, there are lots of 3D printed accessories and props that will help take your costume to the next level.

For starters, we can recommend this 3D printed Wonder Woman set, which includes her tiara, forearm bracers (you know, the ones she fends bullets off with), and a bicep bracelet. The maker behind the Wonder Woman set (Terefenko) has also designed a 3D printed set for General Antiope, which includes her helmet and throwing knives.

We also wanted to include this pretty stunning 3D printed Wonder Woman tiara, designed by Desktop_Makes, which includes a tutorial on how to design your own tiara using Fusion 360.

Lastly, what would Wonder Woman be without her trusty sword? (Probably still wonderful, if I’m being honest.) But still, here is a 3D model of Wonder Woman’s sword which can be 3D printed in parts, assembled, and painted to resemble the real thing.

Top 3D printed Halloween 2017 costumes, props, and decorations #4: Princess Leia

Speaking of powerful ladies…where are the Princess Leias this Halloween? Already a Halloween staple, Princess Leia is sure to be an even more popular costume this year in honor of the late and great Carrie Fisher. For those who already have the locks to turn into Leia’s iconic buns, here are some relatively simple 3D prints you can use to make your costume extra authentic: 3D printed rebel princess belt medallions, and Princess Leia’s defender sporting blaster, inspired by the blaster from A New Hope. The blaster does require some assembly and post-processing.

Finally, if you feel like your Princess Leia could use a lightsaber (I know this won’t fly for die-hard fans, but, you know, it’s Halloween) you can always attempt this intricate 3D printed lightsaber with internal components, which has been a popular make since its upload in 2012.

Top 3D printed Halloween 2017 costumes, props, and decorations #5: Kylo Ren

While Kylo Ren was one of the top Halloween costumes two years ago, there is hardly any doubt he’ll be back in full force this October 31 ahead of Star Wars: The Last Jedi being released this December.

Given that, we felt the need to include a 3D printable Kylo Ren helmet (this one designed by Taboy). There is also another model for the helmet by maker Jtm that looks promising. To top off the costume, here is a detailed 3D printed version of Kylo Ren’s lightsaber hilt (saber portion not included) designed by CaseStudyno8.

Now to clumsily use Harrison Ford as a segue from Star Wars to Blade Runner

Top 3D printed Halloween 2017 costumes, props, and decorations #6: Blade Runner

With the new revival of Ridley Scott’s filmic sensation Blade Runner, the dystopian epic is on everyone’s minds, which will surely translate to a surge in Blade Runner costumes this year.

And while not everyone will have the rugged good looks to pull off being Deckard, these 3D printed props might just help the case. Maker RileyJackson, for instance, has adapted a 3D printable model inspired by Deckard’s blaster, used to blast away replicants (the original was uploaded by Andrew Foster).

The print, which is made up of several moving parts and can actually fit 3D printed bullets, is relatively complex, though RileyJackson has provided detailed print and assembly instructions with the 3D files. Makers also have the option of integrating an LED on the bottom of the gun.

Also, if you are dressing up as a Blade Runner character for a party, be sure to 3D print a few of these origami unicorns to leave scattered around—they will be sure to mystify people!

Top 3D printed Halloween 2017 costumes, props, and decorations #7: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Talking about revivals…Nintendo’s Zelda: Breath of the Wild will surely be inspiration for some great Halloween costumes this year. Of course, all of them will pale in comparison to those who have kitted themselves out with this amazing 3D printed Guardian Shield+ designed by the talented Ruiz Brothers over at Adafruit.

The Zelda-inspired shield consists of a 3D printed body (made from translucent PLA), 3D printed blades (made from a translucent blue PLA that glows under blacklight), and 3D printed handles and mask parts made from gray PLA.

In addition to the 3D printed components, the Ruiz Brothers have also integrated a few luminous extras, including a NeoPixel strip (for the blades), a NeoPixel Jewel (for the center of the shield), and a breadboard-friendly NeoPixel for the side gems.

Of course, all of these extra components mean that the shield is not as simple as turning your 3D printer on, so you will need some time, money, and dedication to bring this project to life. If you’re up to the challenge, we’ll redirect you to the Adafruit tutorial which details how exactly to create the glowing Guardian Shield+.

For a slightly less complex Breath of the Wild make, there is also this 3D printed glowing master sword, remixed by maker TomSmithCreations on Thingiverse.

Top 3D printed Halloween 2017 costumes, props, and decorations #8: Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians fans will surely delight in these 3D printed costumes and props, which include a 3D printed Star Lord mask, Drax’s destroyer daggers, and an adorable baby Groot prop.

The first of the three is an essential part of a Star Lord costume and comprises multiple 3D printed parts (36 in total) which are assembled with glue into the recognizable Star Lord mask. The 3D model was designed by maker youngs66 using 3D Studio Max, zBrush, and Structure Sensor, which was used to scan the maker’s head for size. On his Thingiverse page, youngs66 said of the project:

“I am currently printing out my updated version to test for fit issues. The new version now includes LED and lens holders for the eyes. The LED models I'm still working on and will be posted later.” You can follow the mask’s continued progress here.

If you’re going as Drax, known as “Drax the Destroyer,” for Halloween, you won’t want to miss out on these 3D printed daggers inspired by the ones from the Guardians of the Galaxy films. The models were designed by IMALIVENOWcosplay and can be downloaded for free on Thingiverse.

Lastly, to complete any Guardians costume, you’ll want to have your trusty Baby Groot alongside you. And while it may not have Vin Diesel’s iconic “I am Groot” voice, this adorable 3D printed Groot will do the trick. Uploaded by maker Byambaa, this 3D printed Groot can be printed without supports and at 20% infill.

Top 3D printed Halloween 2017 costumes, props, and decorations #9: Tony Stark / Iron Man

If you and your friends are planning to go as The Avengers this Halloween—or if I’ve just given you the great idea for a group costume—this 3D printed light-up Arc Reactor will be the perfect addition to your Tony Stark or Iron Man getup.

Posted on Kitronik’s blog, the authentic looking Arc Reactor is composed of 3D printed parts, a Zip Halo, Zip Circle, and a BBC micro:bit.

For the 3D printing portion of the project, Kitronik advises to print the reactor’s main part using a clear filament, to allow the light from the Zip Halo to come through. This part can be 3D printed with a 5% infill.

Next, you’ll need to print the copper-like dividers—here you can choose between 3D printing a version of the part that requires actual copper wire to be wrapped around it, or a version which has the wires included and simply needs to be painted. These dividers should be printed at 10% infill.

Makers can also opt to 3D print the second, more advanced version of Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor. I suppose it depends on which era of Iron Man you’re going for!

The full coding and assembly instructions can be found here.

Top 3D printed Halloween 2017 costumes, props, and decorations #10: Minions

No one could anticipate how popular Minions would become after the release of Despicable Me. Let’s face it: they’re everywhere! If you want to add some Minion-ness to your Halloween 2017, here are a few prints you may like.

First off, if you have a pair of overalls hanging around, all you need is to 3D print these goggles and you’ve got yourself a perfectly respectable minion costume. Or these goggles, for that matter.

For decoration purposes, there is also this cute 3D printed Minion planter which could be adapted as a candy holder, or to spook things up you could 3D print a brain to pop in the Minion’s head. You can always opt to just 3D print a bunch of minions and have your kids paint them up for Halloween!

Top 3D printed Halloween 2017 costumes, props, and decorations #11: Nightmare Before Christmas

Though slightly less topical than the aforementioned costumes, there will always be a place at Halloween for the Nightmare Before Christmas—simultaneously my favorite Halloween and Christmas film!

For a simple Nightmare-inspired costume you can always opt for 3D printing a Jack Skellington mask (such as this one), or Oogie Boogie and his kids masks. If you want a really next-level Jack costume we have to suggest this awesome 3D printable Jack Skellington articulated hand extender, uploaded to Thingiverse by supinemonkey.

The articulated hand, which is designed to be worn as a puppet hand and can be controlled by the wearer’s hand, can also be adapted for animatronic control—making for a pretty spooky decoration.

The maker adds: “As well as looking cool, it is designed to be very easy to print, employing 12 printed-in hinges, 4 of my custom captured Super-pulleys in the palm, and channels for all of the thread and elastic string. This kind of wire/spring control can yield very subtle, beautiful performances.”

There are a ton of Nightmare Before Christmas makes on Thingiverse you can go through, but here are three more that would be fun to use as decorations around the house this Halloween: a 3D printed Jack Skellington holding a glowing pumpkin; a 3D printed Zero, Jack’s ghost dog; and an amazing 3D printed Dr. Finkelstein.

Now onto some more classic 3D printed Halloween decoration ideas…

Top 3D printed Halloween 2017 costumes, props, and decorations #12: Skulls

If you ask me, no Halloween is complete without at least one skull decoration, and fortunately, we’ve got a few lined up for you this year.

First off, there’s this awesome LED skull lantern courtesy of Adafruit, which consists of a few 3D printed parts, LED lights, and a 20 mm coin cell breakout board. That means that some soldering and wiring are required, but nothing too complicated. Plus, the overall effect is hauntingly good. The Adafruit lantern is a remix of a Makerbot original, which can be found here.

For a less technical but still pretty eye-catching skull, there is also this “fancy skull” designed by maker Kimbolt, which you can attempt. The intricate 3D printed skull is still a work in progress, and was designed on Z Brush. It will require some supports and at least a 4% infill.

Top 3D printed Halloween 2017 costumes, props, and decorations #13: Pumpkins & Jack O’Lanterns

Next up: pumpkins! There are a slew of awesome 3D printable pumpkins on Thingiverse and other 3D model platforms, but we’ve picked out some of our favorite recent ones.

Another goodie from Adafruit is this 3D printed “Pumpkin Skull Remix,” which adds light-up eyes to an original make by Jesus Bibian Jr. Similar to the light-up skull lantern above, the Pumpkin Skull uses LEDs with a 20 mm coin cell breakout.

For another light-up pumpkin option, we love this 3D printed pumpkin lantern by 3DP_PARK, which has cutouts in it that make for some awesome light patterns. The 3D printed lantern does require supports and can simply be placed over an electric candle to be lit up.

This next pumpkin make, “Jack O'Lantern with Snap On Faces,” is a fun and customizable Halloween decoration. Designed by maker thjelmfelt, the 3D printed Jack O’Lantern comes with a range of different face plates, including Oogie Boogie and Jack from the Nightmare Before Christmas, and a Galactic Empire logo from Star Wars.

Finally, if you’d rather stay in and play games than partake in any trick or treating, you can at least still get into the Halloween spirit by 3D printing this Halloween-themed chess set by SerifBalehawk. Certain pieces do require supports.

Top 3D printed Halloween 2017 costumes, props, and decorations #14: Spiders

The next 3D prints are not for the arachnophobes among us, but could certainly be used to spook them!

This fully articulated 3D printed “skullspider" uploaded by Thingiverse user JeramZ is a great Halloween accessory and can be used as a simple decoration or even as part of a costume. JeramZ doesn’t recommend scaling the make down, as the connectors might not work as well, and he suggests 3D printing without supports and with 10% infill (lines) or 20% infill (grid).

For a simpler spider-themed decoration, we recommend checking out this 3D printed spider web candelabra by edgarfriendly. The candle holder is built to hold electric candles and would be a great decoration if you’re aiming for a haunted house aesthetic this year.

Last but not least is this 3D printable wolf spider, remixed by InfinityFrog from an original design by MajorOCD. These spiders can be 3D printed and placed around your home or work for lots of quick scares.

Top 3D printed Halloween 2017 costumes, props, and decorations #15: Robotic ghost & pumpkins

For this Halloween, Kitronik has developed a number of fun electronic projects which could be used as spooky decorations. Our favorites of the group are these moving 3D printed ghost and pumpkin models.

The project does require some extra parts in addition to the 3D printed ghost and pumpkin shells (which can be 3D printed with 5% infill), most important of which is the Kitronik :MOVE mini buggy for the BBC micro:bit, which essentially transforms the 3D printed ghost and pumpkin shells into moving robots.

If you have a :MOVE mini, you can simply place it inside the 3D printed Halloween-themed casing, screw it in, and code it. For an extra cool effect, use Zip LEDs to make the remote-controlled Halloween bots glow in the dark.

You can find the full coding instructions and the 3D print files here.

Top 3D printed Halloween 2017 costumes, props, and decorations #16: Candy dispensers

Aside from glorifying the creepy and scary, Halloween is also—and importantly—about candy. So here are some 3D printed candy holders and dispensers that will certainly be more fun than your average kitchen bowl.

First off is this 3D printed Jack O’Lantern candy dispenser posted by muzz64. As the maker explains, “the design features and internal structure that rotates to open/close a hatch in the mouth. It's easy to use: with the mouth hatch closed just pour candy into the hole in the top of the stem then rotate the stem to open the hatch and dispense candy out through the mouth.”

Easy enough, right? The pumpkin candy dispenser can also be scaled up to fix more or larger candy (the original size can fit candy up to 15 mm in diameter).

A slightly more basic candy holder that will fit right in this Halloween is this 3D printed skull container, which reminds us of the old school candy holders we used to have in school. The skull container can also be used to hold electric tea lights if you’ve eaten all your candy.

Finally, this 3D printed “Bowl of Hands” seems like an appropriate dish to dole candy out from. Remixed from this “creepy reaching hand” make, the 3D printed bowl does not require supports and can be printed in about eight hours.

For many more great Halloween 3D printed costumes and decorations, check out our list of favorite Halloween makes from 2016, and 2015. Have a happy Halloween 2017, fellow 3Ders!



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