Nov 15, 2017 | By Benedict

3D printing service provider Sculpteo has launched Fabpilot, its new cloud-based 3D printing software that allows users to manage a 3D printing factory or lab in a more efficient way. The software works with “most professional 3D printers.”

Sculpteo is perhaps best known for its online 3D printing services—services that allow those with no 3D printer at all to harness the power of additive manufacturing. But the company’s latest offering is aimed squarely at the opposite kind of user: those with many 3D printers to manage at once.

The new offering is Fabpilot, a cloud-based 3D printing software package that allows users to manage a fleet of printers with ease. According to Sculpteo, Fabpilot takes care of every step in the 3D printing process: nesting orders, preparing parts, printing, shipping, and everything in between.

It’s a Cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service), which means users don’t have to download and install anything. It also means data can be accessed from anywhere at any time, with production stats and dashboards accessible from anywhere, so lots of work can be done remotely. This also makes it easy for multiple users to contribute to a project at once, and individuals can comment in real-time to their coworkers.

Fabpilot is supposed to make things easier for the user in several ways. “Step-by-step support” is offered throughout the 3D printing chain, which includes automatic file correction, part hollowing, and simultaneous nesting to improve production efficiency.

The cloud-based solution is also aimed at users working with any kind of 3D printing setup, with the company claiming that Fabpilot works with “most professional 3D printers,” as well as being compatible over 30 different file formats (that can then be converted into an appropriate printer-friendly format).

Upload of 3D files is complemented by automatic repair and optimization, while an automatic support generator makes 3D models suitable for printing. Tools like solidity check, cutaway view, and file analysis then help to ensure a smooth print.

For companies printing multiple items at once—commercial products, for example—Fabpilot’s nesting algorithms maximize the number of parts that can be printed at once, even determining which 3D printer in a fleet is best for certain batches of parts.

Another useful feature for business selling 3D printed products is automatic pricing and scheduling of parts.

Fabpilot starts at $99 per month, a price Sculpteo considers good value since the package supposedly puts “all of the 3D printing tools you need…in only one place.”

Sculpteo Fabpilot features:

  • Project management
  • Data preparation
  • Plant operations
  • QC and monitoring



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