Nov 17, 2017 | By Benedict

The Abu Dhabi police force in the UAE has outlined its vision of policing on Mars. The UAE plans to establish a colony on Mars by the year 2117, and the Abu Dhabi police sees itself driving 3D printed patrol cars around the planet to ensure order is maintained.

The United Arab Emirates rarely holds back in its ambitions for a 3D printed future. And if you thought Dubai’s plan to have a quarter of its buildings 3D printed by the year 2030 was bold, then Abu Dhabi’s latest prediction blows its neighbor’s forecast right out of the water.

As part of its “centennial vision” (1957-2057), the Abu Dhabi police force is planning for a future in which it sets up a police base on Mars. The police force, part of a future Mars colony that the UAE hopes to establish, will drive 3D printed cars in order to maintain order on the Red Planet.

It sounds a little crazy, but it’s just one small part of the UAE’s grand plan to create a human civilization on Mars during the next century, as well as being part of Abu Dhabi’s own vision to integrate a whole range of technological innovations into its police force—both on Earth and beyond.

The UAE is actually further on its way than you might think: preparations have already begun for the very long-term Mars colony project with the development of the $137M Mars Science City, which isn’t actually on Mars, but which will closely simulate life on the dusty planet by virtue of its desert location.

The Mars Science City will purportedly contain a space museum made with 3D printed walls, which is impressive, but nothing at all compared to the long-term goal of having a human colony on Mars complete with police force and 3D printed patrol cars.

In addition to patrol cars, there may also be 3D printed ambulances running on alternative fuels like hydrogen.

“The battery-operated driverless police ambulance can carry two persons, that includes a paramedic and the injured person,” said Captain Mohammad Jasem Al Hosani. “It will also send all health conditions of the injured person to the hospital [during the journey].”

Things do get a little strange when you look beyond the police force’s 3D printed car idea. The police are also looking to develop police robots that speak every language on Earth (and elsewhere?), and around half of the police force could eventually be robots. The police force is even looking at establishing a department for predicting future crimes, which will be troubling for those who have seen the movie Minority Report.

The UAE plan is to have a colony on Mars by 2117, but Abu Dhabi thinks it could establish a police center on the planet by the year 2057.

It’s exciting news for lovers of 3D printing innovation though, because the police force apparently sees both 3D printed patrol vehicles and a 3D printed police center as part of its “short-term” targets, which means both could be fully realized (on Earth) as soon as the year 2022.

As part of the Mars 2117 plan, Dubai plans to launch its “Hope” spacecraft to Mars in July 2020 to study the atmosphere around the planet.



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