Dec 5, 2017 | By Benedict

3D printer company Ultimaker has released two new products: a 0.25 mm print core; and Breakaway, a new 3D printable support material that, as its name suggests, easily breaks away from a printed part.

The new Ultimaker 0.25 mm print core, offered in type AA, has been designed for the printing of highly detailed and thin-walled objects on the Ultimaker 3. The Dutch 3D printing company says the new print core could be useful for a variety of applications, including fine detailed parts and tolerance fit parts like printed bolts and nuts.

Ultimaker recommends using its own brand of PLA, ABS, CPE, Nylon, and PP materials with the new print core, while dual color or PVA support material (with 0.4 mm core) can be used with the Ultimaker 3 or Ultimaker 3 Extended.

PVA support material, however, could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to Ultimaker’s other new release.

Breakaway, a new support material developed by the company, has been designed for multi-extrusion 3D printing, and can purportedly be quickly and easily removed without the need for post-processing. This results in a smooth finish.

Ultimaker Breakaway supposedly works well in conjunction with Ultimaker ABS, PLA, Nylon, CPE, and CPE+. The material also promises a longer shelf life and lower level of moisture sensitivity compared to water-soluble support material like PVA.

Paul Heiden, Senior Vice President Product Management: "Before we start developing something new at Ultimaker, whether this is hardware, software, material or new services, we make sure there is a true desire for it. We learn everyday by analyzing the way our products are used and the questions we receive through our online platforms. So, even though our PVA material is still a great solution for prints with intricate geometries and internal cavities that need support, we found that our users were also in need of a support material that takes less time to remove. With Ultimaker Breakaway they can seriously speed up post processing and use their newly printed objects right away. We also followed up on the desire for highly detailed prints by developing a print core with a smaller nozzle size." 



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UMY wrote at 12/6/2017 6:21:44 PM:

I own a UM3 and a Cetus : the quality of the first layer above support with my UM3 using Cura without hours of tweaking is so poor that Ultimaker had to market a special support much better on the Cetus for 1/10th the price. I'ld really like some improvment on this point from UM.

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