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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 officially kicks off today, and the product unveilings have already started rolling in. First up on our radar is two new accessories from SHINING 3D, the Chinese manufacturer rapidly making a name for itself with its growing line of 3D scanning devices. Earlier today, we got the first sneak peek of the new EinScan Discovery Pack and EinScan HD Prime Pack — two new accessories to pair with the EinScan-SE/SP desktop 3D scanner and EinScan-Pro+ handheld 3D scanner respectively.

According to SHINING 3D’s Vice President of Global Sales Oscar Meza, the new accessories are a natural progression in SHINING’s growing product line. “We successfully launched EinScan-Pro+, the multifunctional handheld 3D scanner and EinScan SE & SP desktop 3D scanners last year, which offer our customers more choices to meet their most varied demands,” Meza said in a statement to 3ders. After receiving considerable critical acclaim from these initial releases, the SHINING 3D team took the next step with the addition of these two new accessories, which both “strengthen the capabilities and expand the range of applications” according to Meza. With that in mind, let’s walk you through the specs of these brand new 3D scanning accessories.

the EinScan Discovery Pack

First up is the EinScan Discovery Pack, a high pixel professional texture camera for pairing with the pre-existing EinScan desktop 3D scanners. Designed to make your 3D representations more colourful and true-to-life, the new Discovery Pack boasts a 24-bit true-color display and 12.0 megapixel color texture. The impressive color restoration technology found in the device’s Ultra-Fine™ Hardware ISP video processing engine is nothing to sneer at either, promising high-fidelity capture of intricate textures across the full colour spectrum. Users can expect both high accuracy and high resolution 3D data from this new release, which is best suited for applications in Virtual Reality, Online Shopping (eCommerce) Virtual Displays, Online Museums, 3D exhibitions and more. The EinScan Discovery pack is compatible with both of SHINING 3D’s desktop 3D scanners already on the market: the EinScan-SE and EinScan-SP.

plate scanned by the EinScan Discovery Pack

Next is the new EinScan HD Prime Pack, a natural addition to SHINING 3D’s popular handheld 3D scanner, the EinScan-Pro+. As seen with the Discovery Pack, the main selling point here is faster, more accurate 3D capture. When used in Handheld HD Scan Mode, the new Prime Pack add-on guarantees 30% faster scanning speeds, along with an increase in capturing high accuracy detail. SHINING 3D reps have assured us that, by virtue of incorporating the latest cutting edge technology, the new HD prime pack enables marker-free alignment, so you can capture high resolution data with improved accuracy. Ideal applications include Reverse Designing, Cultural Heritage Preservation, Archiving, and Restoration. As stated earlier, the new HD Prime Pack is geared specifically towards use with SHINING 3D’s EinScan-Pro+.

the EinScan HD Prime Pack

Both new accessories will be available for purchase in Q2 2018. No word on cost yet, but considering the fact that we’re talking about add-ons here, it’s probably safe to expect the Discovery Pack and HD Prime Pack to be priced relatively affordably. For now, you can check out the full technical specs of the new SHINING 3D accessories here, or head to booth #8706 at CES, located in the North Hall.

plate scanned by the EinScan HD Prime Pack



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