Jan 16, 2018 | By Julia

As we approach this year’s much anticipated Technishow, makers and businesses from around the world are starting to share their excitement with previews of what to expect this March in Utrecht. For those not in the know, the renowned Dutch trade show offers the largest manufacturing industry platform in the Benelux area, including demos, presentations, workshops and more to thousands of visitors, and this year will be no different. The Technishow 2018 is once again shaping up to be a comprehensive window into the current state of the manufacturing industry, with many 3D printing innovations positioned squarely at the centre of the action.

This week, Rösler Benelux BV added to all the buzz with a new peek at their RapidFinish solution. Announced as a new line of specially designed surface finishing machines, RapidFinish promises to remove those unsightly 3D printing lines by way of an advanced sanding and drumming process. Aimed specifically at companies who 3D print in plastic and metal, Rösler’s RapidFinish line is geared towards applications in the automotive, medical, dental and aviation industries, to name but a few.

a plastic part before (left) and after the RapidFinish treatment

“Equipment designed for 3D printing high-quality components - when directly from the machine - can leave visible lines [between] the printed layers. These lines scare customers when end users use these parts in high-value industries,” explain Rösler representatives. “RapidFinish removes ‘layer lines’ and produces a smooth finish for high-quality products.”

A printed product’s geometry and material are the two main factors which determine what textures can be achieved, as well as the best finishing technique to use. Of the latter, plastic and glass bead blasting, as well as slide grinding or drumming, are the most popular methods, and can be applied to prototypes, show models, and parts for end users.

Although a number of companies are currently making a name for themselves in surface finishing, Rösler staff asserts that their RapidFinish solution sets them apart from the competition. “A 3D printed part is fully automated with our installation, so that it gets a functional product surface, which significantly improves the quality of the end product.” The result afterward, they promise, “is exactly the same on all products because of our sustainable, environmentally friendly processing technique, which makes us very attractive as a supplier.”

To check out the RapidFinish machines for yourself, head to Technishow 2018 in Utrecht from March 20-23. Located in Hall 8, Stand 088, Rösler will be present on all three days of the tradeshow, from 10:00 am onwards. Click here for more info.



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