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Just a handful of months into the Rick and Morty inter-season hiatus, and fans are already itching for more of the animated hilarity. Some, as we’ve learnt, have even turned to making their own Rick and Morty spin-offs.

3D Print Guy, a popular online maker known for his colorful, cartoon-inspired designs, has created a 3D model of a personalized Tiny Rick (from the season two episode “Big Trouble In Little Sanchez”), which he has not only 3D printed but has also featured in a short animation.

The animation can be seen in the video below (it starts at about 4:20), and though it does not feature Dan Harmon’s signature witty dialogue, it does capture some of Rick’s comedic antics—like guzzling alcohol and burping.

In it, a drunken Tiny Rick wanders from dimension to dimension seeking his space ship. Impressively (and this is a testament to 3D Print Guy’s modeling capabilities), Tiny Rick enters into a number of recognizable animated worlds—from the Bob’s Burgers diner, to Minecraft, to Futurama, Adventure Time, and more—wreaking havoc wherever he goes.

Like most of his makes, 3D Print Guy also featured a guide to designing the Tiny Rick 3D model, which takes viewers through the various stages of creating the adorable 3D model. First, he explains that he did not want to copy Tiny Rick from the show exactly, so he came up with a more stylized version of the scientist’s clone, which has stumpier arms and legs.

The maker used ZBrush to build the 3D model of Tiny Rick, though ended up turning to Mari, a 3D painting tool, to add the color to it. The details, from the scribbled pupils to the wrinkled clothing, are really kind of amazing.

Fortunately, makers can 3D print their very own Tiny Ricks because 3D Print Guy has made the 3D files accessible through his website. As an added bonus, he also released 3D models for a Tiny Rick with a flask and portal gun, Rick’s spaceship, and—maybe our favorite—Pickle Rick!

Of course, if you don’t have access to a full color 3D printer, the final effect might not be quite as spot on as 3D Print Guy’s own models, but you do have the option of either ordering prints from him or, if you’re up for it, painting the models post-printing.

3D Print Guy also adds that makers who support him via his Patreon will get access to his ZBrush files which can easily be modified. If you want a 3D printed Tiny Rick holding a guitar, for instance, this could be an option. The maker has also uploaded a number of step-by-step tutorials detailing the design process.

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