Jan 12, 2018 | By Benedict

Yasu Tano of Hiro Creations spent a whole year using Monoprice Delta 3D printers to print various props, cosplay outfits, and other geeky bits and bobs. Highlights include a life-size K-2SO droid from Star Wars spinoff Rogue One.

CES 2018 may have been plunged into darkness a few days ago, but one maker is lighting up the electronics show with his incredible 3D printed sci-fi props. Yasu Tano of Hiro Creations has brought along a monstrous 3D printed model of K-2SO, the charismatic droid from Rogue One, wowing attendees with some extraordinarily detailed printing and finishing.

But the giant 3D printed droid is just one of many impressive 3D prints carried out by Tano throughout 2017. In a lengthy imgur post, Tano has posted photos of a whole year’s worth of cool 3D printing projects, encapsulating props, cosplay costumes, tiny models, and virtually everything a sci-fi/fantasy geek would want to get their hands on.

It’s all part of the day job for Tano, whose design studio, Hiro Creations, sells high-quality cosplay models and other bits and pieces, and which attempts to “blur the lines of reality to bring video game props and armors to life using 3D printing.”

In the imgur post, Tano reveals 3D printing projects like his incredible Fallout T-60 Power Armor (brought to the Crown Championships of Cosplay in Chicago, amongst other events), fidget spinners, low poly Pokémon prints, a stunning Genji Overwatch suit, and Sombra's machine pistol, also from Overwatch.

Clearly, this is a maker at the top of his game, producing some of the most authentic-looking 3D printed cosplay items on the web. It certainly explains Tano’s reputation on Reddit and in other online circles, and will hopefully inspire other makers to start designing their own printable props from video games and other media.

And while Tano and his benefactors clearly spend a fair amount of money on filament—just look at the size of some of his creations!—the maker can at least offer some encouragement to novice users worried about the cost of 3D printing.

How? Well, virtually all of Tano’s impressive 3D printed creations were, perhaps surprisingly, built using low-cost Monoprice Delta 3D printers, including the Monoprice Maker Select. And while it seems clear that Tano has some kind of promotional agreement with the electronics company (his giant Star Wars droid is displayed at the Monoprice stand at CES), it’s still impressive that the cosplay lover has managed to produce such high-quality pieces using budget gear.

“These Monoprice Deltas are the unspoken heroes of this build,” Tano says. “I've run about two kilograms of filament through them and every part has had incredible quality. And it astounds me that they are less than $200.”

Astounding indeed, but perhaps not as astounding as that gigantic K-2SO!



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