Feb 5, 2018 | By Benedict

Dying for a tasty campfire treat but don’t want to face the February cold? Try 3D printing your own marshmallow grill instead: it’s small, it’s hilarious, and it hopefully won’t poison you.

Camping is a great way to relax, reconnect with nature, and spend quality time with friends or family. It comes with the fun of putting up a tent, the thrill of avoiding bears (perhaps), and—more often than not—the pleasure of toasting marshmallows on an open flame.

Unfortunately, you can’t always go camping. Sometimes you’re stuck at home, sometimes you’re in the office, and sometimes it’s just too cold to go out.

But what if you could pretend you’re camping, by taking (arguably) the best part of the whole thing and sticking it on your tabletop? Luckily for us, one Thingiverse maker has solved all our problems—with a tiny 3D printed marshmallow grill that cooks those sweet gooey marshmallows using a tea light.

The grill consists of a 3 mm hex key, the aforementioned tea light candle, and a couple of 3D printed plastic parts. These can be printed with about 40% infill, attached to the hex key, and—presto!—you've basically got a bonfire.

A word of warning: the safety of cooking food with a candle is, let’s say, up for debate. But stick with a natural beeswax one and you’ll probably be fine.

Watch Kickass 3D Prints demonstrate the beautiful creation in the video below, and download the design by [richardxyx] here.



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