Feb 6, 2018 | By Tess

A Calgary-based company is now offering Canadian pet owners the opportunity to 3D print realistic models of their animal friends. The company, GravityB 3D, is taking 3D selfies to a whole new (and much furrier) level.

Brian Burke, the founder of GravityB 3D, has been working in the pet care industry for over a decade, simultaneously running a dog daycare and pet photography studio. Ever since he heard about 3D printing a couple of years ago, however, 3D printed animal models have been his new pet project.

To make the 3D printed models, Burke uses a multi-camera set-up to capture 3D images of people’s pets. As one can imagine, though, getting an animal to sit perfectly still for even a fraction of a second can be a difficult task.

Fortunately, Burke has scaled u his 3D scanning system to account for whatever wagging, blinking, or drooling might take place.

“I have changed from a 24-camera system, to a 36-camera. Now we are doing a 60-camera system,” he told CBC News. “I needed to be able to record fast enough, so when the dog's tail is wagging, I need to be able to capture that. If there is motion in a 3D scan, the scan won't render properly. It actually lets your dog be your dog. Whichever way your dog sits, the 3D capture captures that.”

He adds that there are certain tactics he employs to encourage the pet’s participation. Treats, squeaky toys, and peanut butter are just some of what’s in his arsenal.

“It takes a little bit to get the dog comfortable in this environment, but it's a fast process,” he explained. “If you know how to get the dog to pose and your timing is good, then I am pretty much guaranteed to get a really good pose.”

The final prints are full-color likenesses of your pet which measure just a few inches in height, and to have your dog 3D scanned and recreated in 3D will set you back about 150 bones (depending on the size of the model). According to Burke, the process takes about four weeks to complete after scanning.

The 3D printed dog models are not only a fun idea for a gift or keepsake, but can be a heartfelt reminder of your pet if they pass away. So join the likes of Mark Zuckerberg in 3D printing a tiny version of your favorite furry pal.



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