Feb 6, 2018 | By Tess

While many people go camping to escape from our high-tech world, who's to say that technology and nature can’t go hand in hand? Canadian 3D printing company Wave of the Future 3D, based in Saskatoon, would likely agree.

Together with Saskatchewan Polytechnic and local 3D printing & coffee shop Create Cafe, Wave of the Future 3D is creating what could very well be the world’s first 3D printed camper trailer.

Aptly called “The Wave,” the innovative camper trailer was designed by Wave of the Future 3D and will soon be additively manufactured at Create Cafe using its custom-built ErectorBot 3D printer. Spanning over 28 ft in length and 7 ft in width and height, the massive 3D printer—owned by Wave of the Future 3D founder Randy Janes—is reportedly the only one of its kind in Canada.

In order to 3D print the camper in one piece, the ErectorBot 3D printer has also been equipped with custom-designed high-flow nozzles, developed by a Saskatchewan Polytechnic team led by program head Tim Muench and Lorne Diakow, who teaches CAD/CAM and Mechanical Engineering.

As mentioned, the 3D printing itself is taking place at Create Cafe, where visitors are invited to come have a coffee and watch the build process in person.

“We believe any problem can be solved through 3D printing,” commented Dustin Maki, CEO and founder of Create Cafe. “We are excited to 3D print the world’s first camper. This project wouldn’t be possible without our relationship with Sask Polytech. Through an applied research grant we collaborated on the development of custom, high-flow nozzles that push the boundaries of 3D printing.”

When the printing process is complete, the 3D printed camper—made from a recyclable and water resistant PETG material—is expected to weigh 600 lbs and have a 100-year life expectancy.

Janes believes that the unibody design of the camper trailer will offer durable benefits to users and that the PETG material will ensure strength and abrasion resistance. “This is going to come off line at roughly 600 to 700 lbs, and be stronger than anything in the industry,” Janes told Global News. “You could pretty much fill it with water, let it sit for 10 years, empty it out and still use the trailer.”

Not only is the 3D printed camper expected to be tough and long-lasting, it is also versatile. While it is designed to be placed on a wheeled trailer base, Janes says it can also be set up on stilts for a more permanent camping spot or even put on ice for ice fishing! (It has three built-in covered holes in the floor for fishing through.)

The first 3D printed camper trailer, whose printing will be launched this Thursday, will admittedly be a prototype, but Wave of the Future 3D is planning to scale up manufacturing soon and launch the product commercially.

If you ask us, The Wave 3D printed camper would go perfectly with this DIY 3D printed marshmallow grill.



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