Feb 7, 2018 | By Benedict

Cody Wilson, director of divisive open-source weapons organization Defense Distributed, has spoken about homemade firearms in a new video from ReasonTV. Wilson shot to fame in 2013 when his organization created the “Liberator,” a 3D printed one-shot pistol.

The Liberator

Back in January, homemade firearms organization Defense Distributed was dealt a blow when the Supreme Court turned down the chance to intervene in its 3D printed guns court case. That decision meant Defense Distributed v. State would be sent back to the western district of Texas, which leaves the future of Defense Distributed somewhat up in the air.

For Cody Wilson, director of the open-source weapons organization, there are still reasons to be positive. The 3D printable blueprints for his 3D printed Liberator pistol are being widely circulated around the internet despite their official censure, and Defense Distributed’s newest project—a low-cost milling machine called “Ghost Gunner” that can be used to make untraceable handguns at home—is receiving positive attention from arms aficionados.

Ghost Gunner

In a new video for ReasonTV, Wilson talks about his organization’s legal battles, the current state of gun control in the U.S., and how online communities are changing the way firearms are made in America.

“The handgun is at the center of what is protected in the Heller decision,” Wilson says, referring to a 2008 supreme court case. “So, whereas, AR-15s may not ever be backed up by the Supreme Court, there's no way of getting around, right now, the protections that the Supreme Court gave to the handgun. And so this is the core of the Second Amendment liberty as it's currently understood.”

Whatever side of the gun debate you stand on, Wilson’s comments are sure to provoke interest. See the video in full below.



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