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Valentine’s Day 2018 is just around the corner, and though it is a pretty cheesy holiday, it is also a much-needed pick-me-up in a cold and impossibly long winter. Personally, I’ll take about any opportunity I can to snack on an entire box of chocolates.

If chocolate isn’t your thing, however, or if you’re looking for a more creative way to convey your affections to a partner, lover, or friend, we might suggest 3D printing a Valentine’s Day gift.

Now, when it comes to 3D printing gifts, there is virtually no limit to what you can give. That being said, if you’re seeking some Valentine’s Day-themed inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Check out our top (free!) 3D prints for this V Day.

3D printed chocolate molds

The idea with this one is presumably to 3D print the chocolate mold to make custom chocolates as a gift, but it might also be nice to attempt the culinary challenge together. You know, stir up some romance while you stir a melting pot of chocolate…

The Ruiz Brothers, in-house makers at Adafruit, have put together a comprehensive tutorial on how to make food-safe chocolate molds using 3D printed designs and even provide free STL files for a heart-themed 3D printed cast.

In short, the idea is to 3D print a shape or a series of shapes and then cast them using food-safe silicone. When the silicone solidifies it can be peeled away from the 3D printed base and act as a mold for chocolates.

If hearts aren’t your thing, Thingiverse maker [akaziuna] also has a wicked 3D print for making skull-shaped chocolates.

3D printed flower vase

Makers will know that platforms such as Thingiverse are not lacking in choices for 3D printed vases or 3D printed flower pots, and we highly suggest looking through some of them to see what type of options there are. This Valentine’s Day though, this 3D printed Low Poly Heart Vase is our #1 pick.

Posted by [VECTARY], the 3D printed heart vase captures the beauty of the human heart, aorta and all, and can hold up to three flowers for your loved one.

For a more conventional, but still awesome, idea, we can also suggest this colorful 3D printed LED vase by [vorpal].

3D printed flower

If you need a flower to place in your 3D printed vase but for whatever reason don’t have a fresh one (or are worried that the vase isn’t watertight), a 3D printed flower will do beautifully.

This 3D printed Abstract Flower by [EDGEdesign], for instance, would look beautiful standing alone in a vase or accompanied by other 3D printed flowers in a colorful bouquet. For a more classic option, try out this dramatic 3D printed rose.

3D printed cookie cutters

Here, again, we’re suggesting that you bake your bae some love-themed cookies (though, frankly, I’d like getting the cutters as gifts).

Thanks to [OogiMe], a Thingiverse user with a whole lot of cookie cutter models, you have a nice assortment to choose from, including this 3D printed XOXO cookie cutter, and an adorable Lovebirds cookie cutter.

For something a bit more literal, we’ve also found this fun Hole in my Heart cookie cutter by [kspring], which is the shape of an actual, biological heart, with a cutout of a tiny heart inside.

3D printed coffee decorating templates

If you’ve tried and failed to make beautiful hearts and flowers in your own latte like a barista can, you can always opt to use one of these 3D printed coffee decorating templates, which is sure to make the task easier.

Uploaded by [OogiMe], the coffee template models come in either a heart or kiss motif and are remarkably easy to use. Simply hold the template over your coffee or hot chocolate and then powder some cocoa (or cinnamon, whatever you like) on top of it. Presto, you’ll have a Valentine’s Day coffee to bring to your loved one’s bedside in the morning.

As a bonus, [OogiMe] also added some cute cupcake decorators which are really just the icing on the, well, cake.

Valentine’s Day 3D printed fidget spinner

While the craze may have died down significantly, fidget spinners are still pretty fun to play with and to 3D print. This 3D printed heart-shaped fidget spinner by [Lucina] is pretty special and will be sure to get your significant other’s heart racing (or spinning?).

The 3D printed fidget spinner would certainly make a lovely novelty gift this Wednesday…

3D printed “I love you” phone signal

Another pretty good novelty gift is this 3D printed cover for your smartphone’s flashlight that projects a heart. That’s right, forget about wearing your heart on your sleeve, you can now project it onto a wall!

The tiny phone attachment, which on its own is pretty adorable, can also be attached to a key chain for easy transportation and “lovin' on the go” as maker [Dalpek] says.

3D printed candle

If chocolate isn’t quite your thing, might I suggest using a similar method for 3D printing customized candles. Simply 3D print the shape you want for the candle (remember, it will have to stand up on its own), and then cast it in liquid silicon to make a mold. When the silicon mold is solidified, you just fill it with wax (and a wick) and voila: custom-made candle.

Obviously, there are a few tips and tricks to getting the candle just right, and you can find them all on this Instructables page.

3D printed heart box

Already bought something small and shiny for your partner? Why feel obligated to gift it in a boring old gift box, when you can 3D print this heart-shaped box with a lock and arrow-shaped key?

Designed by [rubb3rtoe], the 3D printed box is the perfect container for a surprise gift (or treat). You can also try scaling the 3D printed box up or down so it can fit a variety of contents.

3D printed jewelry

Last but definitely not least is the classic Valentine’s Day gift of jewelry. It’s a broad gift range with lots of options: you can spend hundreds on a precious metal piece from a shop, slightly less on a cheaper store-bought piece, or, and hear me out, 3D print it yourself!

Admittedly, the main appeal of 3D printing a piece of jewelry is to customize it. But we still have a couple of 3D models you can print off or use as inspiration.

For your wonder woman, we suggest this 3D printed Wonder Woman bracelet, which is inspired by the powerful Amazonian women warriors.

Of course, you can always opt for something a bit more traditional, such as this 3D printed heart pendant. (It’s not that traditional, actually, as it can hold a little treasure inside of it!)

For more 3D printed Valentine's Day gift ideas, check out our previous top 10 3D printed Valentine's Day gift list.



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