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Select 3D, an Australian 3D printing consultancy company, is developing new 3D printing applications for interior design. As part of the study, the company is testing the printability of a plaster-like 3D printed material.

Construction 3D printing is taking off in a big way. While you yourself probably don’t live in a 3D printed building, additive manufacturing specialists around the world are finding new and better ways to erect buildings in a layer-by-layer fashion. It’s still 3D printing, but on a sometimes gigantic scale.

To date, most uses for additive manufacturing in the realm of 3D printed houses and 3D printed buildings have involved the 3D printing of foundations, walls, and other concrete-based elements, or sparse, lightweight structures for architectural structures like outdoor pavilions. But 3D printing in construction and architecture can go a lot further than that: it can also be used for interior design.

Australia’s Select 3D is trying to find out how best to leverage the power of 3D printing in the field of interior design. As part of a big study being carried out by the company, Select 3D staff are testing the printability and ultimate usability of a printed plaster-like material that could be used for wall and ceiling features, tiling, and other interior elements.

Select 3D carrying out the first testing stage for its 3D printed plaster-like material

Select 3D says this is the first study into a 3D printed plaster-like material to take place in Australia, and the first stage of testing has already wrapped up. That stage, finished last week, showed promising results in terms of absorptiveness, fracturability, flammability, and post-processing options.

The next stage of the study will involve testing the material for specific uses: pendant light fittings, wall and ceiling features, tiling, door handles and knobs, and more besides. The 3D printed material’s heat tolerance will also be more rigorously tested, while every effort will be made to ensure the material can meet Australian safety regulations.

Select 3D will soon host a workshop where builders and other construction professionals can try out the 3D printed material.



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