Feb 15, 2018 | By Benedict

i.materialise, the online 3D printing service of Belgian 3D printing company Materialise, has introduced a new UV Inkjet 3D printing material, Multicolor+. The material purportedly produces strong, full-color 3D printed parts.

'Yeah' by Microsoft 3D Builder

Online 3D printing services like i.materialise are a great way for 3D printing newbies to get familiar with 3D printed objects without having to buy a 3D printer. But such services are also a handy resource for experienced makers too, since the additive manufacturing machines at the service’s disposal are often far more valuable and technically advanced than the average desktop 3D printer.

Color 3D printing is one big reason to use online 3D printing services, since most desktop 3D printers don’t offer multicolor printing and many 3D printer users don’t have the time or skill to accurately paint their prints during the post-processing stage.

To improve its color 3D printing options for customers, i.materialise has just introduced a new UV Inkjet 3D printing material, Multicolor+, which produces “full-color strong parts that are as equally good as injection molded parts.”

'Perrin' the Unicorn by Matt Bagshaw

'Towel Tim' by Julien Chateau

Materialise says the material is suitable for non-functional models such as figurines, avatars, memes, or architectural models, with the volume of each model used to calculate the material cost.

The UV Inkjet 3D printing process used with Multicolor+ makes use of UV curable inks that are hardened with UV light. The 3D printing process deposits layers of curable ink on top of each other until the design is completed. Water-soluble support material is used to build overhanging elements that are removed after the printing process.

The maximum size of Multicolor+ prints is 150 x 150 x 150 mm, with a minimum wall thickness of 1 mm and minimum details of 0.25 mm.



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