Feb 16, 2018 | By Tess

German 3D printing company EOS has launched three new 3D printing materials suitable for industrial applications. All three products, to be released through EOS Group’s subsidiary ALM, fall into the high-performance polymer category and will be available for purchase as of March 2018.

The new 3D printing materials developed by EOS include ALM HP 11-30, ALM FR-106, and ALM PA 640-GSL.

The first, ALM HP 11-30, is a carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide 11 material notable for its high strength, impact resistance, and good elongation at break properties (considering it is fiber-reinforced). EOS claims the new high-performance material is capable of producing parts with balanced mechanical properties “in all three dimensions.” In terms of applications, ALM HP 11-30 is well suited for 3D printing tough parts with mechanical wear resistance, such as automotive or motorsport components.

The next new material is ALM FR-106, a polyamide 11 material with flame-retardant properties, the latest in EOS’ collection of flame-retardant 3D printing materials. In addition to its fireproof qualitities, the powder-based material also boasts high toughness and strength. The combination of these qualities, as well as the fact that ALM FR-106 meets certain aviation standards, makes the material highly suited for aerospace applications.

EOS adds that the flame-retardant material has good detail resolution and can also be used to additively manufacture thin-walled parts such as housings, casings, and hard-wearing fasteners.

Last but not least of the new releases is ALM PA 640-GSL, which is described as a “polyamide 12 material filled with hollow glass microspheres and carbon fibers.” EOS isn’t messing around with this one. The new material has almost the same properties as normal glass filled polyamide but because the microspheres are hollow it is significantly lighter.

With a reported component density of 0.82g/cm³, ALM PA 640-GSL was designed for producing strong and rigid parts with low weight. In addition to these properties, EOS says the new 3D printing material also has good thermal resistance and “excellent surface quality.” The material is perhaps the most versatile of the bunch, with applications in the aerospace, motorsport, shipping, sports, and model-making sectors.

“EOS is broadening its range of available materials, while also opening up new application areas for industrial 3D printing at the same time,” commented Dr. Tobias Abeln, Chief Technical Officer at EOS. “ALM materials–like EOS materials—are going through extensive quality testing in order to fulfill high customer requirements, particularly from even highly regulated industries. As of February 2018, ALM received its formal ISO 9001:2015 certification that specifies the requirements for a quality management in organizations.”

The three new industrial 3D printing materials will be available for order starting next month.



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