Feb 18, 2018 | By Tess

Well, the Ruiz Brothers from over at Adafruit have done it again: made another awesome and fully reproducible project that combines 3D printing and electronics. The make, a 3D printed thermal camera, is the perfect DIY project for this winter weekend.

While a 3D printed thermal camera might sound pretty technical, the Ruiz Brothers have found a way to not only make the project achievable for intermediate makers but to turn something like a thermal camera into an adorable product.

The colorful 3D printed camera’s design, which is reminiscent of vintage box cameras, will not only be totally functional but will also look pretty darn cute sat on a shelf when not in use.

That being said, the thermal camera component is what makes the project really special. So let’s dive on in.

For the make, you will need a handful of electronic components, including thermal camera sensors (Adafruit’s AMG8833 sensors are recommended for their compatibility with Arduino), a TFT display, a 500mAh battery, a Feather HUZZAH32, and a few other soldering and connector bits. Oh yeah, and a 3D printer or access to one.

The 3D printed components are simple enough and are all designed to be 3D printed using standard FDM 3D printers. Makers are also free to choose their preferred color scheme for the camera, and will find that the assembly of the camera case is remarkably easy.

There are quite a few steps for programming the thermal sensor and camera screen, and the Ruiz Brothers do such a good job of going through them one at a time, so I’ll refer you to their page for further details.

Overall though, the DIY 3D printed thermal camera is an awesome project and might actually come in handy for a number of things. As the makers explain on their page: “Thermographic cameras can be used for finding hidden problems from heating and cooling issues. They’re a neat tool for doing thermal home inspections and troubleshooting. It’s fun to take it in the garage to reveal embedded electrical systems and looking at automobiles.”

If that sounds like your cup of tea, check out the full tutorial (which includes free STL files) here.



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I.AM.Magic wrote at 2/20/2018 8:21:37 AM:

That's cool, didn't know you could buy IR sensors.

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