Feb 19, 2018 | By Tess

Did you notice the moon was missing was Thursday? Two little kids did...when their dad convinced them he had stolen it from the sky.

No, he’s not a real life Gru from Despicable Me and he didn’t use a shrink ray to snatch a miniature moon from the sky. This dad’s a maker. A maker who saw a fantastic pranking opportunity for an upcoming new moon.

About three weeks before the new moon occurred, Roy Spires started planning his lunar “heist.” He set to work 3D printing a spherical shell which had a moon-like surface and housed a number of color-changing LEDs inside of it.

For optimal effect, he put the glowing 3D printed moon inside a box and presented it to his six-year-old-daughter and three-year-old son, confiding that he had stolen the moon out of the sky.

As healthy young skeptics, Spires’ children did not believe him at first. As he explained in a Reddit post: “They thought I was lying so I had them go outside to look for it, and they started freaking out.”

Spires also took a photo of his young ones with the stolen moon, turning them into accomplices. “I also told them that if they ratted me out to anybody I would use this picture as evidence, and say that THEY did it,” he wrote.

(Image: Random-Miser / Reddit)

We’re not sure whether the children still think the moon is gone, but Spires did announce his intention to have a police officer friend present him with a ticket for stealing the moon and taking the moon back to be put back in the sky.

“I told her that there may be a lot of people at her school today talking about how the moon disappeared, but to NOT TELL ANYONE that I had it,” Spires wrote on Reddit. “I fully expect her to tell and already have a police officer friend of mine who is going to come by tomorrow to ‘give me a ticket,’ and take the moon back so it can be put back in the sky.”

Utterly ingenious if you ask me. I can’t wait to see what Spires comes up with for April Fool’s Day!



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Tony B wrote at 2/19/2018 10:18:18 PM:

This seems oddly similar to a product that already exists for about 30 dollars online... A lot of the photos of that product even show it in a box filled with moss like that....

Zdenek wrote at 2/19/2018 9:13:08 PM:


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