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A 3D printed model of a Polish “krasnal” gnome, a symbol of the city of Wroclaw and of peaceful resistance against the communist regime of the 1980s, has been launched into the stratosphere. It celebrates 100 years of Polish independence.

The year 2018 is a special one for Poland. It has been exactly 100 years since it gained independence, and the European country has been celebrating the occasion in various ways.

In perhaps the best celebration of anything ever, a 3D printed gnome—a symbol that is prominent in the Polish city of Wrocław and which signifies the country’s peaceful resistance against communist rule—has been fired into space.

Wrocław currently has around 300 of these “krasnal” gnomes around the city, and many tourists visit with the sole intention of discovering all the delightful figures. Now, however, citizens of Wrocław can also claim to have had one of these gnomes flying high above the city.

This is thanks to the combined efforts of the city of Wrocław, Waldemar Plusa, and Belgian printing company Materialise. Plusa supplied a plasticine model of the gnome, and Materialise then turned it into a 3D model with Magics 3D modeling software before 3D printing it with a laser sintering 3D printer.

The 3D printed gnome was smoothed down but left completely white, before being fitted to a rocket provided by local Shortwave Club (Klub Łączności Ratunkowej) SP6ZWR, under the direction of W. Tarnowski.

A first launch took place on New Year’s Eve, but the team couldn’t capture photographs of the flying figure. So a second gnome was sent up in January, which successfully became the very first gnome to celebrate the Polish 100-year-anniversary in space. A fine achievement!

The 3D printed Wrocław gnome made to the stratosphere, flying higher than commercial airlines.



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guest wrote at 2/20/2018 3:10:52 PM:

Excuse me, but instead of "gained" should be "regained". Greatings from Poland

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