Feb 20, 2018 | By Benedict

Reddit user [rittmafat] has created an incredible 3D printed map of the USA, complete with exaggerated topography. The 3D printed model shows the extreme difference in landscape between the East and West.

Incredible 3D printed map of the USA (above), detail of Florida (below)

(Images: rittmafat / Reddit)

3D printed maps are a great use of additive technology. They can be used by blind and visually impaired people, and can provide a more intuitive explanation of surroundings in settings like festivals and conferences. (See Versoteq’s 3D printed maps as an example.)

They’re also a great way of bringing geographical information to life in a more tactile, tangible form. You’ve probably seen many topographical maps of the USA, but color-coding peaks and troughs is no substitute for seeing the difference in topology in full 3D.

Topography of the USA

(Image: Captain Blood / Wikipedia)

Huge credit then to Redditor [rittmafat], who spent 300 hours making this incredible 3D printed topographical map of the USA using models made with USGS data. Alaska may have been shrunk down and chopped off due to print bed limitations, but the geographical model really is a sight to behold.

All STL files are available to download

(Image: nlorang / Thingiverse)

Those attempting to replicate the maker’s efforts, or who wish to print off one or several individual states, can find STL files for every state here.



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