Feb 21, 2018 | By Benedict

Kentstrapper, an Italian desktop 3D printer company, has introduced an independent double extrusion system for its Mavis 3D printer. The system makes it easy to make two identical prints in a short space of time.

Last April, we reported on the new Mavis 3D printer from Italian FDM 3D printer specialist Kentstrapper. The large-format 3D printer boasted filament and power outage monitors, and offered a build volume of 400 x 400 x 700 mm.

Kentstrapper has now introduced an add-on for the Mavis 3D printer that may be of interest to Mavis users looking to boost productivity on their machine.

That new add-on is a double extrusion system that makes it possible to fit two extruders on the X-axis that are independently driven by two motors. The system enables users to print in two different colors or materials.

By adding a second extruder to the Mavis 3D printer, users can also run Kenstrapper’s “Duplication” mode, which prints two identical objects side by side. Using two print heads means two identical objects can be printed much faster than with a single extruder.

Kenstrapper’s other 3D printers include the Galileo Smart, Verve, and Zero. The company also sells a 3D printer controller called “Noah” that simplifies the 3D printing process.



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