Feb 23, 2018 | By Benedict

FATHOM, a rapid prototyping company based in Oakland, CA and Seattle, has developed Crystallon, an open source CAD / 3D printing plugin for creating lattice structures in Rhino and Grasshopper.

Designed as an alternative to commercially available software for lattice design, the new Crystallon plugin from FATHOM was developed by Aaron Porterfield, one of the 3D printing company’s industrial designers.

In what will surely be received as welcome news by advanced Rhino and Grasshopper users, Porterfield and FATHOM have released the lattice 3D design plugin open source, “not only to share it with the community, but to further the development through its users.” Each tool is left as a cluster which can be opened and modified at will.

Advantages of the CAD software plugin include the ability to generate lattice structures within Rhino’s design environment without exporting to third-party software, and other advantages include modularity and the ability to combine the plugin with the other powerful 3D modeling tools in Grasshopper.

FATHOM says it is looking for feedback from users so it can make improvements. Future plans for Crystallon include utilities for import and export between more robust simulation software packages, to be included in the next release.

“This plugin is amazing,” says one Rhino user. “Thank you for sharing open source!”

Last year, FATHOM joined forces with 3D printer company Desktop Metal as a manufacturing service center and sales partner.



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