Mar 4, 2018 | By Benedict

Maker Junhoo Lee has put together a handy Instructables guide for 3D printing your own signage for shop windows and other places. Lee says the project is super easy but super effective.

Neon window signs are so passé. What you really need these days is a chunky bit of 3D printed signage, perfect for drawing in discerning customers who know a good fabrication process when they see one.

Thanks to maker Junhoo Lee, you can now 3D print your own signage by following a few simple steps. All you need is a modeling tool like Fusion 360, a slicer like Cura, an FDM 3D printer, and some filament. (The more colorful the better!)

The first step in the process, Lee says, is getting a SVG file for your business or project’s name in whatever fancy typeface you like to use. This is your logo, and it can be sketched out by hand or simply typed out. Next, that logo needs to be made 3D, which can be achieved by revolving the file and joining it together in one body—making sure all the letters are physically connected.

This 3D sign can then be 3D printed, with the optional step of inserting a magnet hole. A magnet can be used to attach the sign to an iron surface, which makes it a lot more versatile in terms of placement.

Funnily enough, Lee doesn’t really rate FDM 3D printers that highly: “When you make a vase, water leaks,” he says. “And when you make tools, they break.”

But a 3D printed sign? No physical demands, no problem.

Take a look at the Instructable here.



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