Mar 5, 2018 | By Benedict

Snorri Grisomson, a Viking reenactor and maker from Brussels, Belgium, has designed a brilliant 3D printable Ghostbusters sign. The sign is divided into three parts, which allows the ghost to be 3D printed in white filament and the sign in red.

3D printed Ghostbusters sign

(Image: Denis Gomez / Thingiverse)

In terms of Ghostbusters 3D prints, we doubt anything will ever beat this ludicrously detailed and functional 3D printed ghost trap from Tested. But for Ghostbusters fans who don’t have months of time to spend on a crazy DIY project, there’s always a simpler project like this similarly awesome 3D printable Ghostbusters sign.

The iconic image, which functions as the logo for the fictional characters’ ghost-busting organization and for the films themselves, can now be 3D printed to brighten up a wall, door, or mantelpiece.

The downloadable 3D model was designed by Snorri Grisomson, a self-proclaimed Viking reenactor and maker from Brussels who uses 3D modeling tools like Sketchup, MeshLab, Photoshop, Sculptris, 123D Catch, Illustrator, and ZBrush, and whose weapon of choice is an Ultimaker 2 3D printer.

The 3D printed Ghostbusters sign consists of separate sections

(Image: Snorri Grisomson / Thingiverse)

The sign is made up of three parts: the strikeout sign itself, which should ideally be printed in red filament, and the two white “halves” of the ghost that can be fitted around the sign for a ghoulish 3D effect.

Ain’t afraid of no printing challenge? Download the sign here.



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