Mar 12, 2018 | By Tess

New Zealand’s Printable Scenery has released yet another amazing set of 3D printable terrain for taking RPGs and other table-top games to the next level. Its latest series, enticingly called “The Lost Islands,” is being featured in a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

The Lost Islands, as you may have already guessed, takes gamers to a world of hardened pirates, salty sea water, and exotic islands. The set pieces include a range of  28 mm scale 3D printable table-top models which are sure to have you saying “Arrrr.”

The first bundle in the Lost Islands series is the Lost Ships, which consists of two beautifully designed pirate ships. The vessels are amazingly detailed, with cannons, swivel guns, rigging clips, and even longboats and rowboats included. Printable Scenery’s designers have even designed separate below-deck layouts so your RPG characters can explore all parts of the ship.

When the ships need to resupply after a long voyage, they’ll be welcomed at Port Winterdale, which the startup describes as “a rowdy ramshackle town of merchants and magic.” This gaming set includes a Lighthouse, Warehouse, Port Merchant, and Port House—all of which have a distinctive medieval feel.

Finally, there is the Lost Tribes series of 3D printable set pieces, which includes a Tribal Tower, Bone House, and a set of Tribal Ramparts which are modular and OpenLOCK-compatible.

Seeing as the crowdfunding campaign has already raised well over its goal (so far it has racked up over $36K in pledges), backers will receive at least one free stretch goal model for each gaming set.

Like Printable Scenery’s previous RPG sets, the idea is that its team of talented designer create 3D printable RPG models which are then delivered to backers as STL files to be printed at home. This means that gamers have the added task (or pleasure, depending on how you see it!) of painting and finishing their own set pieces.

Pledges begin at about $51 for each gaming set. For $87 you will receive the STL files for two of the pledge groups, while for $110 you’ll receive the whole set: including The Lost Ships, Port Winterfale, the Lost Tribes, and all of the unlocked stretch goal models. The expected delivery for backer rewards is May 2018.

The Lost Islands is Printable Scenery’s latest RPG and wargaming set collection, adding to its already rich and popular 3D printable models. Last summer the New Zealand company released its Rampage Gothic buildings, while almost exactly a year ago it got RPGamers excited with its three-part release of The Rampage Castle, Time Warp: Europe, and Time Warp: The Americas.

Printable Scenery was founded in 2013 by New Zealander Matt Barker. Since then, it has consistently delivered beautiful, highly detailed, and authentic 3D printable models for role playing, wargaming, and other table-top gaming purposes. Check out its latest Kickstarter here.



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