Mar 15, 2018 | By Benedict

Thingiverse user [stonecoldfx] has 3D printed a giant Star Wars Millennium Falcon in a single piece. The 500 x 170 x 700 mm model of the iconic spaceship weighs 3 kg and took 10 whole days to print.

When Thingiverse user [aaskedall] first uploaded his cautiously titled “fillenium malcon” model way back in 2015, he surely never anticipated the free Star Wars 3D printable model racking up more than 15,000 “Likes” and being built by more than 600 makers.

And he probably never guessed that one of those makers, [stonecoldfx], would attempt to scale up the 3D printed Millennium Falcon a massive 370 percent.

Yet that’s exactly what stonecoldfx has done, taking aaskedall’s miniature starship and turning it into a whopping great 500 x 170 x 700 mm prop. We’ve seen big 3D printed Millennium Falcon models before, but this monster is unique in that it consists of just a single piece.

According to the ambitious stonecoldfx, it took 10 whole days to see this print through, using up three kilograms of filament in the process. Amazingly, the maker kept working at the 3D printed Star Wars vehicle despite failing three times (and scrapping a kilo of filament) during the build.

Two of those fails occurred when the maker’s fan-cooled extruder started to “grind” filament after the 15-hour mark. This issue was solved when a Dual Drive Gear Extruder was used instead.

(Images: stonecoldfx / Thingiverse)

The other fail occurred when the maker simply selected the wrong Octoprint Interface, choosing a profile for another printer rather than for the FATMax3D 3D printer he was using.

The fourth attempt, however, went “pretty good.” Despite a scary moment when the extruder motor stopped working, stonecoldfx managed to salvage the job by editing the Gcode file and resuming the print at exactly the right place.

Those looking to get in on the Millennium Falcon action can find stonecoldfx’s giant make here and the original free 3D model here.

Better still, why not add to the one-piece Millennium Falcon with a bunch more 3D printed Star Wars models? We’ve seen many over the years, especially since the new Disney movies started coming out.

If you’re looking to indulge your dark side, you could attempt to print this ($35) Star Wars AT-AT walker from Gambody. Or if you want to add more flying vehicles to complement the Millennium Falcon, you could instead print some awesome models of an X-Wing and TIE-Interceptor.

For a more complete rundown of 3D printable Star Wars bits and bobs from a galaxy far far away, check out our list of the best 3D printable Star Wars: The Force Awakens props and our very recent list of the best 3D printable porg models.

But if you don’t feel like 3D printing any Star Wars prints today, you can just sit back and enjoy the satisfying time-lapse of stonecoldfx 3D printing his Millennium Falcon. 10 days!



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stonecoldfx wrote at 5/3/2018 7:05:11 PM:

Best Article about my huge 3D Printed Millennium Falcon. Means you clearly read my Infos on my Thingiverse Make and used it properly with some pics. There are lots of Article but most of them didn't really use my shared Infos on Thingi! :D Great Job! xD Greetings stonecoldfx

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