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3D printed wargame specialist Duncan “Shadow” Louca has launched a Kickstarter for his latest 3D printable wargame models: Sci-Fi Tanks. Backers can receive all the 3D printed tanks for a pledge of around $77.

3D printing is changing the way gamers collect models for their tabletop RPGs and wargames. With 3D modeling software, any designer can create their own digital 3D models of terrain, characters, vehicles, and other game elements, before sharing or selling those models online to be 3D printed by others.

Perhaps surprisingly, these models—in their digital STL format—can actually sell for pretty significant amounts of money. Less than a physical Warhammer-type model in a shop, of course, but often a great deal more than digital media like a video, album, or ebook.

There are a ton of companies and individuals selling their designs on the internet right now, one of whom is London-based Duncan “Shadow” Louca, whose busts, Kaiju sculpts, fantasy figures, and other sculpts have cemented the designer a solid reputation.

His new release is a collection of cool Sci-Fi Tanks for tabletop games. They’re currently on Kickstarter as part of a $417 campaign that has already way surpassed its goal and raised more than $8,000 (and made us think we might be in the wrong profession).

The tank collection initially consisted of seven vehicles, with one walker and two artillery pieces. However, as more backers contribute to the campaign, more models are being unlocked via Kickstarter stretch goals, meaning each backer receives more models when the campaign wraps up.

The default scale of the Sci-Fi tanks is 32 mm / 28 mm Heroic, but the vehicles can be scaled up or down before printing, making the 3D printed tanks suitable for a range of games and army styles.

Backers need to pledge around $77 for the complete Sci-Fi Tanks collection, with the 3D printable models supplied, as is usual, in STL format. Makers can, of course, print unlimited numbers of the tanks once they have these files, but can’t distribute the files to others.

This is Louca’s first Kickstarter campaign, and the talented sculptor hopes it will help him expand his portfolio of gaming figurines further.

“My passions are sculpting, 3D printing, and wargames,” Louca explains. “I wanted to be able to field the sort of armies I wanted without breaking the bank. So I started sculpting the sort of models I needed. After sculpting quite a range I decided to bring it to Kickstarter to enable me to further expand the range.”

The Kickstarter campaign wraps up on April 8.



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