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SondaSys, a Polish 3D printer company, is introducing SLA and SLM 3D printers as part of a collaboration with Chinese 3D printing company ZRapid Tech. The collaboration will also strengthen SondaSys’ existing SLS 3D printing technology.

The SondaSys LA300, a new SLA 3D printer 

If you follow additive manufacturing developments in Europe, you might have come across SondaSys during the past year. The Polish company, headquartered in the town of Ogrodzieniec (near Krakow and Katowice), last year introduced its SondaSys 01 3D printer, a selective laser sintering (SLS) machine targeted at the industrial market.

The addition of SondaSys to the Polish 3D printing market further enhanced the European country’s 3D printing profile, with Poland already producing reputable businesses such as desktop 3D printer specialist Zortrax, industrial AM company OMNI3D, and 3DGence, which put out its new dual-extrusion 3D printer just last week.

So what exactly does SondaSys bring to the table? Well, its SondaSys 01 3D printer, three years in the making, was described as Poland’s first SLS 3D printer for industrial use, equipped with an advanced optical system and digital control system for high precision. The printer also came with two exchangeable working chambers for quickly swapping between build areas.

Soon, however, the Ogrodzieniec 3D printing company will soon offer much more, and that’s partly thanks to the involvement of another 3D printing company: ZRapid Tech, owner of the largest 3D printing production and R&D center in China.

The complete SondaSys range of 3D printers 

By working closely with ZRapid Tech, SondaSys has reportedly developed not one but two completely new 3D printing systems: the LA series, a new line of industrial-size stereolithography (SLA) printers; and the M series, a line of selective laser melting (SLM) printers. In addition to its existing SLS 3D printing technology, that completes a significant repertoire for a company that only recently entered the market.

The LA series will consist of three machines, the LA300, LA660 pro, and LA1100 dual, while the M series will consist of two machines, the M150 and M280. The LA series will offer printing resolution of up to 0.05 mm.

This isn’t just a case of SondaSys outsourcing its production, though. According to the Polish company, all development and assembly of the new 3D printers is taking place at SondaSys HQ in Poland, with all sold 3D printers able to be serviced by SondaSys’ team of dedicated technicians.

Additionally, SondaSys says its collaboration with ZRapid Tech will focus on three key areas of development: optimizing its 3D printing technologies to meet EU requirements, adapting its devices to work with different EU-made materials, and adapting its devices to work with brand-new Industry 4.0 technologies.

These are all steps on the road to providing comprehensive solutions in SLS, SLA, and SLM 3D printing.

Of the collaboration with ZRapid, SondaSys said: “Thanks to mutual cooperation between SondaSys and ZRapid we will be able to deliver optimized SLS devices and develop SLA and SLM products based on knowledge gained during construction and R&D process of the first (SLS) machine.”

SondaSys launched a new website today with information about the new 3D printers. The machines are expected to arrive by June 2018.



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