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3D printing filament company FILOALFA, a division of Ciceri de Mondel, has released THERMEC ZED, its latest 3D printing material. The FDM thermoplastic was developed in collaboration with DOMO Engineering Plastics, part of the DOMO Chemicals group.

The Italian city of Milan produces many great things: gelato, soccer players, high-end fashion... Perhaps you can now add high-performing thermoplastic 3D printing filaments to that list, because Milan-based FILOALFA has just released its latest “unique” 3D printing material suitable for industrial applications.

The material is called THERMEC ZED, and has been developed through a partnership with DOMO Engineering Plastics, part of the DOMO Chemicals group. FILOALFA says its new FDM filament guarantees excellent adhesion between layers, prevents delamination, and ensures minimal shrinkage during 3D printing.

The 3D printing material is also said to have excellent processability, exceptional mechanical properties, and fast cycle times, as well as a very high chemical inertia—up to 200°C, with no known solvent able to affect it. The material is also inherently flame-retardant.

FILOALFA recommends the new material as a good alternative to PEEK.

Antonio Berera, R&D Manager of Ciceri de Mondel, described THERMEC ZED as a 3D printing material with “unique properties, specially designed for industrial applications,” and called it an “extremely resilient material, with excellent dimensional stability” that is both sandable and paintable. Barrera described the visual appearance of printed THERMEC ZED as “astonishing.”

So what can THERMEC ZED be used for? Lots of things, probably, but FILOALFA has already carried out one case study into the efficacy of the filament, using it to manufacture customized hulls for a producer of innovative electric motorcycles.

DOMO Engineering Plastics is also talking up the potential of the new 3D printing material, with product manager Domenico Lo Curto praising FILOALFA’s work.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ciceri de Mondel and showcase our products in the FFF 3D printing world,” Lo Curto said. “Their passion and dedication to producing quality 3D filaments is already well known. It has been an incredible experience to design this material alongside their expert team.”

The new THERMEC ZED FDM 3D printing material will be presented at Mecspe 2018, March 22-24 in Parma. It is available to buy from Ciceri de Mondel at 59 euros ($72) per 250 g spool.

Specifications for FILOALFA's THERMEC ZED 3D printing material:



Net Weight

0.250 Kg

Gross Weight

0.350 Kg

Nozzle Temperature

300 - 330°C

Recommended Print Speed

30 - 60 mm/s

Buildplate Temperature

0 - 110°C

Spool external diameter

140 mm

Spool Width

42 mm


Vacuum Sealed Spool with Protective Cardboard Box



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