Mar 26, 2018 | By Benedict

3D bioprinter manufacturer Allevi Inc. has added Dimension Inx LLC’s Hyperelastic Bone 3D-Paint material to its roster of bioprinting materials. The “3D-Paint” material will enable researchers to further explore the potentials of repairing and regenerating bone with the use of 3D bioprinting technology.

The innovative material was first introduced in 2016 by Northwestern University researchers Dr. Ramille Shah and Dr. Adam Jakus, who published a study about their hyperelastic bone bioink (or 3D paint). Not only was the material biocompatible, but because of its elastic nature, 3D printed scaffolds and implants could be manipulated during surgery and, importantly, could simultaneously promote bone regrowth and grow with the bone.

Now, that bioprinting material has been made commercially available through Allevi Inc.’s Hyperelastic Bone kit and is being marketed to researchers and scientists for further testing and exploration. (The Hyperelastic Bone 3D-Paint material is still being investigated and tested for human use.)

Dimension Inx’s bioprinting material consists of 90 wt.% hydroxyapatite (the mineral that makes up bone and teeth), but integrates elastic materials as well, which give it notable advantages over other hard tissue biomaterials. The physical flexibility of the material improves its ease of use and makes 3D printed implants easily adaptable.

As Allevi explains: “Hyperelastic Bone 3D-Paint can be 3D printed into user defined structures and handled immediately after being 3D printed. The 3D printed materials and structures can then be cut, folded, rolled, punched, and more as the user desires.”

Using Hyperelastic Bone 3D-Paint will more or less resemble other bioprinting methods in that users will generate a patient-specific 3D bone model based on a CT or MRI scan which will then be printed using the material. The implant can then be fitted into the patient’s bone void where it will provide customized strength and support as well as promote natural bone regrowth.

“For years bioprinters have remained exciting, but questions have remained as to how are they useful,” said Ricky Solorzano, CEO of Allevi. “Hyperelastic Bone by Dimension Inx and its promise is a clear example of how advanced biomaterial printing can have a huge impact on humanity for generations to come.”

The Hyperelastic Bone kit recently released by Allevi includes 3 ml of Dimension Inx’s Hyperelastic Bone 3D-Paint, an Allevi 5 ml syringe, a metal drawing needle, a printing needle, and an Allevi printing dish. The kit, compatible with Allevi bioprinters, starts at $250.



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