Mar 27, 2018 | By Benedict

Thingiverse user [Aolesin] has remixed a 3D printable Cubone mask so it can be worn by a dog. The brilliant Pokémon 3D print can be downloaded for free.

(Image: Aolesin / Thingiverse)

Do you still play Pokémon Go? Are you still out there, darting across busy roads, trespassing on private property, getting in people’s way on the busiest streets in town? If so, good for you. You might be in the minority these days, but Pokémon Go remains the coolest AR smartphone game ever made, and its initial global impact will live long in the memory.

Or perhaps you’re a different kind of Pokémon fanatic. Maybe you’re still playing the original Gameboy titles (either on classic Nintendo devices or on 3D printed Gameboy-inspired machines that use an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi loaded with an emulator), trying to catch ‘em all in glorious 2D.

Hell, maybe you’re still trading Pokémon cards with friends, looking for that elusive Charizard! Or maybe you still watch the anime TV series on rainy days to keep up with that crazy romantic tension between Brock and Misty.

On the other hand, maybe you just remember Pokémon fondly, and just want a way to turn your pet dog into one of those lovable creatures.

(Image: Aolesin / Thingiverse)

Wait, what?

Yes, thanks to a Thingiverse user going by the handle [Aolesin], you can now download a 3D printable bone mask for your dog that will effectively transform him or her into Cubone, that adorable, bone-wielding Ground Pokémon from the original 151.

Your dog probably won’t evolve into Marowak, but it will look mightily impressive sporting the 3D printed Cubone mask, strutting around ready to pull its “Rock Head” move at any moment.

The 3D printed Cubone mask is actually remixed from another Thingiverse model, one made by [archav2] that wasn’t intended to be worn as a mask. The remixed version adjusts some of the contours of the original to fit the head of a dog.

Unfortunately, though not entirely surprisingly, [Aolesin] does not “suggest using [the mask] as a long-term costume since dogs usually don't enjoy this type of thing on their face.” Fair enough, really.

In terms of 3D printing the mask, the maker recommends printing at 0.12 mm layer height with supports, 0% infill, and 3 shells.

The mask has been favorited several times and upvoted by the Reddit community, which means you might see many bone-masked dogs trotting down the street over the coming weeks. This is great, but don’t try to catch ‘em if they’re not yours.

Get the awesome Pokémon print here, and revisit our list our 10 awesome 3D printed Pokémon creations from 2016 for more Pokémon 3D printing inspiration.



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