Apr 5, 2018 | By Thomas

BigRep today released TPU-based 3d printing material PRO FLEX, a flexible material with engineering-grade properties for a various of applications.

The new "PRO FLEX" is described as a “first” for the large-scale FDM industry globally. It is designed to deliver high temperature resistance, as well as commendably low temperature impact resistance. According to BigRep, the durable material has excellent damping behavior and dynamic properties, enabling companies to explore a broader range of manufacturing opportunities.

For the automotive industry, for example, the material is suitable for the prototyping of gear knobs, door handles, cable sheathing and more. Meanwhile the sporting goods industry could also use PRO FLEX for the prototyping of skateboard wheels, sporting shoe shells, ski tips and ends.

"Printing elastomers is clearly one of the biggest challenges in the FFF AM industry, so we are proud to have found an industrial-grade solution," said BigRep's Chief Technology Officer Moshe Aknin. "In terms of applications with PRO FLEX, we see high potential for 3D printing in fields like footwear, custom vibration dampers, and seals, due to its high chemical resistance."

BigRep will provide a guidance document to all PRO FLEX customers, and as part of the BigRep 360-degree service, customer service technicians are also on hand to assist where necessary.

The new Pro Flex filament is priced at 98.90 euros plus VAT for a 2 kg spool.



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