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The problem of printing complex designs is familiar to FDM print makers: supporting materials are necessary for a quality print, but removing these materials after printing can be difficult, time-consuming, and may even cause damage to the print. The company eSUN has recently released their solution to this problem.

eSUN’s solution to the problem of complex print designs is a water-soluble PVA support material called eSoluble. During 3D printing, a mold from this material will provide solid, reliable support for designs with complex shapes. After printing, when submerged in room-temperature tap water, the mold will dissolve completely within a few hours.

In 2018, eSUN has already launched several new 3D printing products which aim to take PVA materials to a new level.

eSun boasts that their new product eSoluable has four advantages compared with standard PVA material which will improve the quality of prints and the ease with which models are shaped.

Advantage 1: It dissolves twice as fast as PVA.

Advantage 2: It absorbs less moisture and provides stable printing performance.

Advantage 3: It is suitable for multiple materials (e.g. PLA/PLA+, ABS/ABS+, Nylon, etc.).

Advantage 4: It is an environmentally friendly material.

eSoluble may contribute to 3D printing capabilities because it has the potential to reduce costs related to prototype production and shorten the time needed for production. After producing a 3D print using an eSoluble mold, the mold may be easily removed and dissolved in normal, room temperature water without any chemical solvent – plus, it leaves no waste-material on the print.

eSoluable VS PVA

In a comparison of water solubility, eSoluble appeared to be more than twice as fast as standard PVA material:


eSoluble can work with ABS/ABS+ and the distance between eSoluble and ABS/ABS+ should be 0. eSUN do NOT recommend printing a pedestal. Opened filaments should be stored carefully in a self-sealing bag – with a desiccant if there is any moisture inside the bag.


Below are some images of how eSoluble may be used as a support material in 3D-printing projects.



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