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Berlin-based Studio 7.5 collaborated with France-based XtreeE to create a series of continuously 3D printed woven concrete benches.

Based in Berlin, Studio 7.5 is best known for its longstanding relationship with the brand Herman Miller. Studio 7.5 had worked with other 3D-printed materials on Metaform Portfolio project, but they had never worked with concrete. For its latest project, Studio 7.5 worked with 3D printing company XtreeE to fabricate a series of outdoor benches for its collection of custom-made street furniture. Since its founding in July 2015, XtreeE has been working on developing a functional 3D printed construction system, which includes raw 3D printing concrete materials, a robot capable of extruding the material and a specialized software program.

These outdoor benches have a woven concrete pattern and were printed using XtreeE's six-axis 3D-printing robot that can print concrete and clay with extreme precision. The six-axis robot extruded a continuous stream of concrete in a wavering motion, building up the layers. The result is a intricate woven pattern.

The designers at Studio 7.5 explain, "continuously 3D printed woven concrete benches - a texture that is not only visually reminiscent to woven textiles, it also follows the same production routine: a continuous thread that is guided along a path in order to create a construction.”

Simply titled 'Make,' the modern concrete benches come in three designs. Thanks to 3D printing, the modern concrete benches were created using a minimal amount of concrete and it is also much lighter than it could have been in solid concrete.



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