Oct 31, 2018 | By Thomas

Germany’s Peri Group, a global maker of formwork and scaffolding systems, has acquires what it calls a “significant minority stake” in Copenhagen-based Danish 3D concrete printing specialist COBOD International A/S.

Peri said the technology “is now definitely ready for the market”, and believes 3D printing will play an important role in construction.

COBOD International was announced as a sister company earlier this month by 3D Printhuset, tasked with a government-funded, three-year research project into advanced 3D construction printing. The company will manufacture and sell the BOD2 3D construction printer. 3D Printhuset's developments in the field of concrete printing began in 2015. That resulted in “The BOD” building, Europe’s first 3D printed building, in Copenhagen last year.

This year, 3D Printhuset launched the BOD2 3D printer, an updated version of the gantry system used to build the BOD office hotel. This system boasts a print speed of one meter per second. 3D Printhuset set up Cobod International to market the technology. Today, COBOD is one of the world's leading companies with a wide range of 3D printers for residential construction. In the first EU-wide tender procedure for 3D printers for housing construction, COBOD was ahead of the field with its "BOD2" model.

"We have been closely following the development of 3D concrete printing in the construction industry. The currently available BOD2 3D printer from COBOD shows that the technology is now ready for the market," says Leonhard Braig, member of the Group Management of the PERI Group.

He added:"We are convinced that 3D printing will become considerably more important in the coming years in certain segments of our industry, especially in residential construction. Together with COBOD, we now want to bring this technology to a breakthrough on a broad basis. Going forward, we are very pleased to be able to offer the best solution to our customers, whether manual or automatic, in cooperation with COBOD.”

Handshake after signing the investment agreement. Left to right: Leonhard Braig, member of the Group Management of the PERI Group, Christian Schwörer, Chairman of the board of the PERI Group, and Henrik Lund-Nielsen, CEO, COBOD International.

"We are very proud that PERI decided to invest in us. This will really strengthen our company going forward," Henrik Lund-Nielsen, CEO of COBOD International commented. "PERI has followed 3D construction printing intensively for several years. We are therefore extremely pleased that they ended up concluding that we were the best company to invest in. PERI is globally the leading supplier of formwork for the construction industry and we are the leading supplier of equipment for automatic/3D printing of concrete. Together we represent the best of the existing technology and the best of the new."



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