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Boston-based additive manufacturing company, RIZE, has announced the launch of a new full-colour desktop industrial 3D printer, the XRIZE, along with two new materials, RIZIUM CARBON and RIZIUM ENDURA, and the RIZE CONNECT cloud platform.

The new XRIZE desktop industrial 3D printer will enable users to manufacture functional polymer and composite parts in full color. Building on the company’s first product, RIZE ONE, the machine leverages a patented Augmented Deposition process by extruding an engineering-grade thermoplastic and simultaneously jetting C, M, Y, K (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) inks through industrial printheads to achieve the full-color part. With RIZE ONETOUCH software, users can quickly and easily apply text, images and texture maps to monochrome part files and import color CAD files. The XRIZE is easy to use and features minimal minimal pre- and post-processing thanks to a special RELEASE INK which is jetted between the part and the automatically-generated supports to enable the user to quickly peel the supports away from the part.

The XRIZE also features heated build chamber, an auto-leveling build plate, automatic filament changeover and intuitive high-resolution touch screen for access to part library, build management and system diagnostics.

RIZE says that users can use XRIZE to easily manufacture full-color prototypes for FEA and stress analysis, tooling with safety instructions, consumer products, package design, GIS mapping, anatomical parts for patient/clinician communication, pre-surgical planning and parts for marketing and the entertainment industry.

Key Specifications

  • Four-channel color and dedicated Release Ink channel
  • Device dimensions: 21.4” H x 36” W x 25.4” D (535 x 915 x 647mm)
  • Build volume: 12”x 8” x 8” (310 x 200 x 200mm)
  • Weight: 135 lbs (61kg)
  • Layer thickness: .250mm or .125mm
  • Resolution: x/y 300dpi; Z 200dpi at .125mm layer thickness
  • Accuracy:X/Y: +/- .127mm, or +/-.003mm/mm, whichever is greater and Z: +/- layer thickness    (.250mm or .125mm)
  • With an MSRP of $55K USD, XRIZE will be available in 2019.

RIZE has also introduced two new materials. The first is RIZIUM CARBON, an engineering-grade thermoplastic filament reinforced with carbon fiber for a superior visual finish and higher modulus. RIZIUM CARBON is ideal for applications such as functional prototyping for manufacturing. The second is RIZIUM ENDURA, a fiber-reinforced filament providing high-accuracy and high-impact strength. It is ideal for large functional parts and is compatible with RIZE’s full-color inks.

In addition, the company also announced has announced a new software solution RIZE CONNECT, which enables users to remotely manage and monitor their RIZE ONE and XRIZE 3D printers from any location to improve production efficiency. Users can receive notifications, queue jobs and manage an enterprise print farm from desktop and mobile devices. Using RIZE CONNECT, users can also build greater security into their parts with digital part identification and other forms of part augmentation, such as QR codes and version control for part traceability, compliance and authenticity. RIZE CONNECT will be available in 2019.

“Our mission from the beginning has been inclusive and sustainable innovation,” said Andy Kalambi, president and CEO of RIZE. “With this approach, we can take additive manufacturing anywhere and to everyone. The way to do that is to make industrial 3D printing easy, safe and fully digital. Our innovative platform approach is the core to driving sustainable innovation. With the launch of XRIZE, RIZIUM CARBON, RIZIUM ENDURA and RIZE CONNECT, we are now realizing the potential of this platform, providing our customers with maximum flexibility, complete ease of use and quickest ROI.”



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